A Quick Web/Mini KDrama Primer

In the last few years there has been a surge in web and mini kdrama shows happening. It has gone as far as streaming sites getting licensing and giving them an additional run of popularity. As a marketing tool, they have helped products launch and acting careers take off. For drama fans, they are nice bite sized versions of dramas and are easy to quench that thirst until the next big show. And really, why not have a little something on the side. These are some of the web dramas I have enjoyed.

Twenties 스무살Twenty Years Old
Also known as:
20 Years Old / 20’s
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: OnStyle/tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-06 to 2014-Jan-07

Lee Ki Kwang from popular kpop band B2ST took the lead of this mini 4-part drama. I have written about it before. I loved it because it is basically cotton candy fanfic dreams come true. Young high school loves meet and fall for each again after a few years. Ki Kwang’s character is now an idol. Drama ensues.
Watch Twenties on VIKI.

Noble, My Love 고결한 그대
Also known as:
The Noble You
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: Naver TVCast (SNS)
Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-23 to 2015-??-??

The acting is all over the place. The editing is horrible. The consistency is off. What won me over, the insane chemistry of Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung. They made their relationship so cute. The short 15-12 minute episodes are super easy to watch and they don’t beat around the bush. If there was no chemistry, I’d pass this, but there is and they have it in spades.
Watch Noble, My Love on DRAMAFEVER.

After School: Lucky or Not 방과 후 복불복
Also known as:
After School Bokbulbok
Genre: Youth, romance, comedy, fantasy
Episodes: 12
Format: Drama-toon
Broadcast network: NATE, Btv, T-store, Hoppin
Broadcast period: 2013-Sep-02 to 2013-Sep-27

I accidentally watched all these episodes late one night after drinking and rewatched them sobering up the next day to make sure I liked what I watched. It stars Kim So Eun from Boys Before Flowers fame and gave an introduction to the acting idol concept band 5urprise (who are all pretty talented). If you’re familiar with the anime Ouran High School Host Club, think of this as the live action Korean version. It was popular enough to warrant a season 2, but the first was the best.
Watch After School: Lucky or Not on DRAMAFEVER.

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