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BIGBANG is Here and I Have Some Choice Favorites!

BIGBANG is coming back to the USA for a series of dates in North America. I saw them the last time they were here in 2012. Having been a fan for years has had some ups and downs. I’m honestly not into their recent work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t break out into a dance occasionally. Here are my favorite BIGBANG releases, because why the fuck not?

“Tonight” 2011
This comeback song was so good and the anticipation was so high. Then we got a mini instead of a full album. Alas, I didn’t care. G-Dragon looked good. Taeyang did. They all did. The song delivered a sound that was updated, but still them. And can we talk about this MV? Just watch it.

“Last Farewell” 2007
The true test of an old school VIP (name for a BIGBANG fan) is if they know the signature “baby baby” dance from this. Back at the 2012 shows, I noticed quite a few fans that seemed lost with that song, but the ones that did it knew and it was wonderful.

“Fantastic Baby” 2012
I am so sick of this song. I imagine the guys are as well. They seem to play it at least twice during their tour. That’s annoying, but don’t even get me started at all the “intro” songs they have as well. On minis even! I digress, the best thing about Fantastic Baby is the energy. And that’s probably why I included in this list. When you go to a show and the artist has that one song that sends the crowd into a tizzy, it’s this kind of song and I love that.

“Sunset Glow” 2008 [no MV on official Youtube]
Who knew a remake would be so iconic for a band? Originally done by Lee Moon Sae in 1988, this was KPOP for a new generation. Similar to the resurgence of TOTOGA and throwback shows in the last year, this is another example of connecting generations with music.

“Bang Bang Bang” 2015
I already said I wasn’t into their recent work, but there’s no denying this jam. They needed it. You can only repeat Fantastic Baby so much. This is also a song that the MV was relatively meh for me, but the stages and live performances were infectious. I do like abs though. And I’m grateful for all of them here.

“Number 1” 2008
BIGBANG might as well have released a full album internationally with the “Number 1” Japanese album because it was primarily English. (Shout out to Taeyang’s dance partner Aimee Lee Lucas!) And really good English! This title song though was everything a boy band of that genre could hope for: slick, cocky and sexy. I might also have described a few of my ex-boyfriends.

Any favorite BIGBANG songs you can’t wait to see live? Share below or tweet me @cherylfornia.

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