4 Episode Test: “She Was Pretty”

I was already talking about She Was Pretty a few OhKDRAMA posts back. With the drab summer, I was in dire need of something that filled the space left by Oh My Ghostess and that would make me laugh. After the 4 episode test*, we have a winner. [Subtle spoilers if you haven’t watched yet!]

Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon reunite from their last drama Kill Me, Heal Me. This time they took they odd sibling-ish chemistry from that and play childhood crushes – Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon – who meet again as adults, albeit one-sidedly. Hye Jin as a kid was privileged and pretty. Sung Joon was chubby and lonesome. Despite their differences, they adored each other, but later parted when his family moved.

As adults, their lives are drastically different.She Was Pretty Hye Jin is now an “ugly duckling” with that heavy blushing that dramas seems to associate with unattractiveness. It just looks like a bad case of rosacea. I feel like in South Korea, it can get fixed right quick, but then how else can we make our heroine look not pretty? Okay, okay, we’ll keep the blush. She’s struggling to find a job and living with her bestie, Min Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee). Ha Ri is the opposite of Hye Jin. She’s glamorous with a line of men out the door and a playful attitude to boot. She’s comes from money, but still works and seems grounded. It’s a very lovely friendship, which in the dramaverse means it is going to go through some shit and we will have to ride it out. Ha Ri does have some daddy issues, which I’m sure we’ll see more of as well.

She Was Pretty

Sung Joon is now handsome and successful. He ends up being Hye Jin’s boss in a funny twist of fate. Her first position at the company she got because of her dowdiness (her previous boss mentioned she would likely work harder than the attractive girl). She ends up hilariously getting a transfer to the company’s fashion magazine. Sung Joon only sees her as an unqualified worker. He’s stoic in his business process and dismisses her. His life doesn’t afford much compassion or even friends. He’s seemingly all business and his goal is to turn the magazine around or close it forever.

Unbeknownst to him, the Kim Hye Jin he longingly pines for is right under his nose. In front of his eyes, he thinks Ha Ri is Hye Jin. In her fear after seeing him for the first time in years, she runs off without meeting him and gets Ha Ri to take her place. Can you see where we’re going here? This is also the biggest reason for the besties to have some turmoil.

Here’s some things to note, Hwang Jung Eum plays Hye Jin really over the top. It works, though. I really like the subtle hints that Sung Joon notices like hearing Hye Jin’s walking commands. He can’t quite piece it all together. And speaking of pieces, I’m so in love with the puzzle they had when they were kids. When that comes into play, it will hopefully be so great. I can already see the scene in my head.

She Was PrettyChoi Siwon as the features editor Kim Shin Hyuk is AMAZING. If you are wondering if you are going to watch this or not, Siwon will change that. His character is the quintessential scene stealing second lead. While I do see some chemistry with Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin, I’m kind of waiting for him and Ha Ri to formally meet. I feel like it will be pretty explosive. There’s a lot of Protect the Boss similarities and that is definitely a good thing. I LOVED the second lead couple in that drama and I can totally see it for this one.

Bring it on for the next 12 episodes!

She Was Pretty그녀는 예뻤다
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Sep-16 – ?

Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin (30, Editorial Team’s Assistant/intern)
Park Seo Joon as Ji Sung Joon (30, Deputy Chief Editor)
Go Joon Hee as Min Ha Ri (30, Hotelier)
Choi Siwon as Kim Shin Hyuk (32, Feature Editor)

Watch She Was Pretty on VIKI.

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Sources/images: Dramawiki MBC “She Was Pretty” Official Site

*4 episode test – An unofficial test that is given to Korean dramas in the dramaverse. First taught to me by India of DramaDebussie.com, it is basically a trial watch of a drama. If after 4 episodes, it does not progress well, you drop it without any conscience.


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