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I LOVE SubKulture Entertainment’s KPOP Map!

The inside joke about KPOP maps is that with the majority of KPOP events, they will promote it as one city when, but if you look at a map, it is no where close to it. Our favorite instance of this was the MBC Korean Music Wave in Google concert back in 2012. Some of the marketing was pushing it as San Francisco and even calling the venue, Shoreline Amphitheater, Google’s headquarters. The Googleplex is located down the street from Shoreline, but it’s common knowledge that they are in Mountain View. FYI, San Francisco is over 40 miles from Mountain View. I think it is safe to say, they are not that close to each other.

I’ve also seen shows in New Jersey (ANOTHER STATE), called New York. When you think of how much information we have at our fingertips, being general with locations isn’t really needed anymore.

This is why I really like what SubKulture Entertainment, a new production company out of Los Angeles, has done for their next tour.
SubKulture Entertainment


Now this isn’t necessarily a huge map indicating cities for a tour, but one to find out WHO was going to be on the tour. They could have been really cheeky and general, but the city pins were pretty accurate. I saw a few fans mention several bands just based on the southernmost Busan 부산 pin, but upon closer look, there are 7 pins. Seoul 서울 has 5 and south of that there’s one more. Now if a friend of mine didn’t open a cafe in Suwon 수원, I would have passed it off as some random pin. A little googling (fitting, isn’t it?) and the band is Block B!

I’m sure “KPOP maps” will be used from time to time, but I love how in this case it was not. It’s a simple hint, but a good one nonetheless.

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