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REVIEW: Veteran (베테랑) is a ‘Crank’-y Surprise

Taking a break from kdramas to quickly review the fun and action packed Veteran 베테랑. The movie is another one of director Ryoo Seung-wan’s action films, which follows the Bourne-esque The Berlin File

The film has a very recognizable cast of stars with Hwang Jung-min and Yoo Ah-in. Honestly, I can just go on and on at how delicious Yoo Ah In was as the rich bad guy, Jo Tae-oh. He was just so out of control and it worked. Make no mistake, the supporting actors are chosen very well, too. I was impressed with Jang Yoon-ju who I was familiar with in variety shows, and her kick-timing was a great running gag. Yoo In-young had a small part as a tragic starlet. I wish there was more of her. There were also a few notable cameos. You just have to watch the movie to see them all.

Along with the drama of a seemingly invincible chaebol and the heart of gold cop, there was these grandiose scenes of humor and action that was very reminiscent of the 2006 American film, CrankI love how batshit crazy Crank was, so Veteran was right up my alley. It was serious when it needed to be and hilarious in a surprising way. It made watching the film so much fun.

Veteran seemingly belongs to Hwang Jung-min as Detective Seo Do-cheol though. Do-cheol’s life as a cop is something that holds a lot of pride for him. He speaks of being a man as a lullaby to his sleeping son. He reiterates it with a contractor’s son with whom he comes to help bring to justice the very family Jo Tae-oh is trying to bring down. It is Do-cheol’s passion for truth that fuels the story. He owns every scene with his grit and humor.

If you came as a fan of Yoo Ah In, you’ll leave the movie as a fan of Hwang Jung-min.

The movie is 123 minutes long. No MPAA rating, but it feels like a strong PG13 or light R for violence, drug use and some language.

U.S. release date September 18, 2015.
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FYI, what is likely to be Yoo Ah In’s last kdrama before going into the army, Six Flying Dragons premieres October 5.

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