The Thrill of Yong Pal is Now #YawnPal

How the mighty have fallen for the quality of the super popular Yong Pal. This drama still can redeem itself in the last 6 episodes, but I’m just going to refer to it as #YawnPal if I get excited (don’t hold your breath) and tweet while watching.

The previews and sneak peeks are essentially the most exciting parts of the show. Possible spoilers ahead if you haven’t started the latter half of the 18 episodes.

Now, the early start of the show had enough excitement for me to be enthusiastic about it, but even then, I wrote about it with some trepidation. After the success of Healer and the comeback for Kim Tae Hee, I wanted something fun again. Why not? Healer exceeded my expectations for a romantic action drama and Yong Pal certainly seemed posed to go in that direction. It even passed the 4 episode test*!

So where did Yong Pal go wrong? I’ll make a list!

  • silly ad placements (I’m not going to use that app!)
  • getting rid of the oddly likable gangsters too soon
  • huge fancy car crash on repeat
  • comatose lead character for too long
  • annoying police detactives
  • not enough of the awesome nurses
  • what is going on again?

Joo WonHonestly, it’s pretty lucky that there’s not a lot of competition in the dramaverse right now and it is kind of an easy watch when I’m bored. I might be asking too much to be entertained though. I suppose I can look at Joo Won’s face and play, “how big are the bags under his eyes?” every episode. They seem to vary depending on how much screen time he has and take note, he has A LOT of screen time. Luckily it is not a drinking game. I want to live though this drama.

How do you feel about Yong Pal so far? Comment below or tweet me @cherylfornia!

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*4 episode test – An unofficial test that is given to Korean dramas in the dramaverse. First taught to me by India of, it is basically a trial watch of a drama. If after 4 episodes, it does not progress well, you drop it without any conscience.


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