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Five Collabs & Features I Love from Sistar’s Hyolyn

Collaborations are all over KPOP. So much so that it’s getting boring for me, but I feel like I can always depend on Sistar‘s Hyolyn collabs and features to be good. Hell, even great! Here are 5 that I love.

Hyolyn x JooYoung feat. IRON “Erase”
I haven’t watched this MV in a while and just noticed Cross Gene’s Takuya is in it and I love him. This is actually one of my favorite songs to come out in late 2014. It’s sad, sexy and the vocals are gorgeous.

Mad Clown feat. Hyolyn “Without You”
This song was the comeback single for Mad Clown’s great mini album “Fierce.” Hyolyn lends herself for the chorus of the song which is about a break up and the feelings that linger. They linger hard.

San E, Hyolyn feat. JooHeon “Coach Me”
This song is so fun. And also about sex in a semi-not so discreet way. I mean, if you think it is about sports, you have a lot to learn. Hyolyn’s vocals are suggestive and it is exactly the intention.

Hyolyn, Zico, Paloalto “DARK PANDA”
I just really like the sound of this song. The drumbeat is probably my favorite part. Yes, it’s a basic, but with the music and Hyolyn’s “I ride, you ride,” it’s so chill.

Dynamic Duo feat. Hyolyn “Hot Wings”
It’s a jam about sexy shoulder blades on a woman. I know. I know. Hyolyn’s feature is pretty short, but it totally fits this song. There’s a talk box in it. I mean, how amazing is that?

Any collabs you have been digging lately? Share below or tweet me @cherylfornia.

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