Dropping Kdramas Like Flies Is Always OK

I was looking at MyDramaList and decided to analyze my stats on watching kdramas. I realized I have dropped a lot of them. When I first started watching, I held on. Fighting tooth and nail to finish dramas. Then a few fellow drama watchers just told me to let the shows go as if they were Jack and I was Rose. What? You can do that? Was this an unwritten rule?

No. It wasn’t. Drop the dramas and hang onto to the wreckage. You can live on!

Dramatics aside, I’ve dropped 5 dramas in 2015 as this went live.

  • Masked Prosecutor – dropped after 3 episodes
    While I adore Kim Sun Ah, her chemistry with Joo Sang Wook just didn’t grab me right away. Sang Wook is a handsome and capable actor, but they seem to give him these weird man-boy roles. I can’t deal with that. He’s a grown man, not an idol.
  • Hyde Jekyll, Me dropped before the 1st ep (early warning from friends)
    Hyun Bin‘s first drama after the army and given early reactions, I didn’t even try. I still have faith in Binnie, but with so many better dramas happening, I couldn’t waste my time. I let my devoted Binnie friend do that.
  • Warm And Cozy – dropped after 6 episodes
    I really like a lot of the Hong Sisters dramas. Master’s Sun, You’re Beautiful & The Greatest Love are among some of my favorites. (We do not talk about Big.) This one was just not good enough for me. When you look forward to scenes of the C story couple the most, you know. You just know.
  • The Girl Who Sees Smells – dropped after 12 episodes
    This was a hard one to let go. I usually try not to drop if I’m over 10 episodes, but the story lost its way. There was a charm and strange sweetness, but then it sort of dissipated. Maybe I kept up with for this long because Park Yoochun is sweet and I was finally sorta into a drama with Shin Se Kyung.
  • My Unfortunate Boyfriend – dropped after 8 episodes
    No Min Woo was one of my early favorite actors, but his choice in dramas in the last several years hasn’t been great. I think Yang Jin Sung is a lovely young actress with lots of potential. This drama was just reaching for something it just couldn’t quite achieve without being ridiculous.

There are always dramas on the bubble, but I think I’ll save that for an end of year post.

In the meantime, here’s a pie chart with my drama numbers!

If you look at it, I do finish almost 50% of dramas that I have started.

Let’s look at some other numbers:

  • Completed 115 shows
  • Average length of 18 episodes @ 60 min.
  • Approximately 2070 hours
  • Over 124,000 minutes
  • Almost 90 days of drama

WHAT THE FUCK? That being said, I have been watching since late 2009 and we’re in the summer of 2015. It’s just a lot of time when I look at it all like this. I’m not even counting the variety shows and movies I watched. That’s probably another story. Another day.

Do you remember the first kdrama you dropped? Tell me about it below or tweet me at @cherylfornia.

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