How I Got Into Korean Dramas

Yes, Boys Over Flowers was the first of many Korean dramas I watched. Up until that point in the winter of 2009, the only foreign entertainment I watchedBoys Over Flowers was Bollywood, French and Hong Kong films. Then a friend showed me the Boys Over Flowers trailer and Lee Min Ho‘s curls hypnotized me. Maybe not that much, but that fur collar sure did. Look at it.

My story of getting into kdramas is a little more complex than hair and fur though. I didn’t think I knew any one specifically in Korean entertainment. In fact, the closest person I knew of was Daniel Henney who at that time, was more of a model and “he’s hot” fodder on ONTD, than the actor he is known for today.

Unfortunately around that time I found out my mom had terminal cancer. Quickly I booked a flight out to see my parents and brought DVDs of subbed Boys Over Flowers. In 5 days, I watched all 25 episodes. Twice.

Well over 50 hours of curls, pretty (flower) boys and overly dramatic shit including: an attempted suicide, a kidnapping, an almost drowning, a dreamy beach scene and a plethora of more hairstyles, I knew I needed more.

I had been on Tumblr for about a year and was quite familiar with searching in tags. I found more Korean dramas through them. I was hooked. I met India of the Asian drama blog Drama Debussie by asking her a question off her Tumblog and pretty much gained a friend for life. She guided me into more Korean dramas, a few from Taiwan and Japan as well as a friendship that went beyond it all. Thanks Lee Min Ho!

Soon enough, I started finding OST (original soundtrack) songs like “She Is” from Clazziquai Project and even instrumentals (I blame my love for Danny Elfman and John Williams for that). It is a wonder that I didn’t really listen to any Korean pop (KPOP) until about June 2010. By that time, I had finished about 10 dramas and I knew I was in deep.

I look back at my older blog posts and I see why I got into the dramas. I needed an outlet for the emotional turmoil that was inevitably going to come into my life. Dramas helped take my mind off of it and raised me over a lot of the pain. Over 5 years later I still enjoy it all. I made a ton of great friends. It has become a part of my life like any other show and music would.

And I love it.

Have you felt that way? How did you get into Kdramas and/or KPOP? Hit me up below or tweet me at @cherylfornia.

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