This Song Though Part 1 – KPOP Edition

Teri and I had a discussion recently about KPOP songs we liked, but never really got into the bands. It’s not that we don’t like the bands, we just never went further than listening to one of their singles 100 bajillion times. You hear the song and basically exclaim: “THIS SONG THOUGH!” So here’s part 1 with 9 songs that we loved, but not enough to apparently seek out more. Check out the playlist below.

Wonderboyz “Tarzan”
This song was everything. We listened to this on repeat the whole summer of 2013. At one point we were in Disneyland and sang it in front of Tarzan’s Treehouse. Yes, we were those people. No shame. No shame. 

Kan Mi Youn “Crazy”
Infectious and it’s pretty much because the beat of the song goes with the hip popping dance moves. And you have to give some credit for the MV featuring a kidnapper who tailors suits and provides a nice meal.

BTS “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2”
I think I saw this MV about 4 months after the song came out. At that point I might have heard the song several hundred times. To this day I barely know all the members, but this song! Was it their first? I don’t even care, I love it. – Cheryl

Sunny Hill “The Grasshopper Song”
Not only is the music video visually stunning with it’s creative interpretations of insect bodies and set design but it is beyond catchy making it a literal ear worm (Ear worm. Bugs. Get it??). We dare you to listen to this song once and NOT walk away singing the chorus. WE DARE YOU.

Girl’s Day “Twinkle Twinkle”
The cute video, the adorable dance, and the bumble bee colored outfits with a fun beat. I WAS SOLD. I know Girl’s Day is huge now, but I still listen to this song and think it is a legit jam. – Cheryl

C-Clown “Far Away… Young Love”
This was a weird one, because I adore Barom (ahem, Christian) on SNS and I have also followed some fansites, but I haven’t really got into their other music. It’s like supporting a brand, but not buying it which I find to be completely OK and weird. – Cheryl

Rania “Dr. Feel Good”
They did this song in Korean and English and both were just as infectious. To be honest, the song was sexy and ridiculous (thirsty, etc.). We also had an issue with some members being 16/17 and performing this song, but aside from that, this song was another jam. 

2Nise “She Said”
This was one of those songs that got stuck in my head constantly when it came out! I also really enjoyed the music video and it’s approach to telling the story of this couple’s relationship and inevitable decline. – Teri

NU’EST “Face”
This song! I don’t even want to see how many plays this has on my playlist. I might be embarrassed or proud. All I know is that I still listen to it and I love it. – Cheryl

We have more songs coming soon. Were any of these songs on repeat in your player? Did you ever hear one and say “THIS SONG THOUGH”? Comment below or tweet us!

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