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Top 13.5 Favorite KPOP Songs & MVs of the First Half of 2015

Most of you know we love Korean pop and as the first half of 2015 comes to a close, we have our Top 10 Favorites KPOP Songs & Music Videos so far with 3.5 extra ones. Below is the playlist in order of when the videos were released:

San E, Hyolyn (Sistar) & JooHeon  “Coach Me” – January 2
I randomly put this song on a cafe playlist and got a lot of people I knew listening to it. Power of playlists! – Cheryl
Jonghyun “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) feat. IRON” – January 12
A glossy pop song that further fueled my love for SHINee (which isn’t hard as you will see later). Very nice to hear IRON on the track as well. – C
Red Velvet “Ice Cream Cake” – March 18
I’m a sucker for bright colorful videos and this had a very summery feel before summer even came. Lalalala lalalala. – Teri
MFBTY “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” – March 19
Mother Fuckin’  Bizzy Tiger Yoon Mirae. This trio never disappoints. – T
FTISLAND “Pray” – March 23
Some serious 30 Seconds to Mars vibes and I was IN. IN SO HARD. – C
SO happy to see FTISLAND making music that they are passionate about. This song and album are solid. – T
Crayon Pop “FM” – March 27
Can I say I loved the Infinite feel of the song? It has an interesting MV for sure, but I loved the song. – C
EXO “Call Me Baby” –  March 28 & “Love Me Right” – June 3
I loved both of these songs so much it was kind of stupid. BRB, listening to them again. – C
It’s hard to not get an EXO song stuck in your head or stuck on repeat. You’ve done it again, SM! – T
Bang YongGuk “AM 4:44” – April 5
B.A.P has been in a battle of the contracts for some time so it was a treat to see BYG release a solo piece in their absence. – T
J.Y. Park “Who’s Your Mama” April 13
I should be ashamed of this, but whenever I’m at a bar and this plays, I enjoy it. Maybe too much. – C
UNIQ “EOEO” – April 22
The first single I was meh and then they released this and I woke up. Great song for a new group. – C
I haven’t found a male rookie group that I REALLY stuck to since 2012. UNIQ is well on their way with this one. – T
BigBang “Bae Bae” – May 1
This song is not that good, but it has a hook that gets stuck in your head. Damnit. – T
SHINee “View” – May 18
This song made me deliriously happy. It’s fun and dreamy and chill. Also reaffirmed my SHINee love again (and again and again). – C
2PM “My House” – June 15
I’m always happy to see a summer release from 2PM & I appreciated fairytale theme of the MV. Also thrusts. – T

Do you have some favorites from the first half of the year that we should listen to? Comment below or tell us on Twitter!

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