Drama Debussie and How To Marathon Dramas

In the first of our FRIenDAY columns, I want to introduce you to India, otherwise known as Drama Debussie. Here’s her video about everything you needed to know about How to Marathon Dramas.

I met her through Tumblr searching for info on the gateway Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers. It was my first one and I wanted to know more. By luck she lived in Los Angeles and we met up, talking for hours. We’ve been beyond drama friends ever since, sharing our love for wine, Korean food and more wine.

When I first started talking to her, she had a knack for finding the best photos for her tumblr. Sometimes her captions captured the sort of wit and sarcasm that I couldn’t find in the Korean drama blogosphere and that’s why I reached out to her. Now she’s been doing videos and I love them as a fan.

She’s moved out of California, but we still keep in touch almost daily. I think we’d still be friends if we stopped talking about dramas, but I doubt we’ll stop. It’s been well over 5 years for us and that’s longer than some marriages I know of.

FYI, everything about her drama marathon video is true. And even if you didn’t like coffee, you need the onesie.

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