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REVIEW: TWENTY (스물), a Hilarious Coming of Age Bromance from South Korea

When the opportunity came to watch a screening of the South Korean movie, TWENTY (스물), it was an easy decision. The week before, the lead actors Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha-neul & Lee Junho had starred in the Korean variety program Running Man and their chemistry on the show remained the same from the movie.

It was delightful, funny and ridiculous.

TWENTY (스물 ) was written and directed by Lee Byeong-heon who also did the screenplay for the 2011 film, Sunny. Before seeing the film I decided to not see all the trailers or who did the movie. After I felt like it was similar to Sunny and was pleasantly surprised to see Lee Byeong-heon behind it with his style of dialogue.

Main TWENTY Poster

The main story is the friendship between three young men. We see them come together because of a girl (played by Jung So-min) and discover a friendship that looks to last a lifetime. We don’t know that yet, but we have a sense that it is very possible.

Woo Bin plays the carefree playboy Chi-jo who is coupled up with So-min, but still has his womanizing ways. He sometimes acts as the “experience” teacher/leader for nerdy Kyeong-Jae (Ha-neul) & starving artist Dong-woo (Junho) with some absurd results. Lee Yoo-bi rounds out the main cast as Kyeong-Jae’s little sister, Soo Hee. There’s no Vampire Idol coupling with Woo Bin and Yoo-bi, but it’s great to see them on screen together again. Min Hyorin has a big cameo that keeps those Sunny vibes alive and well.

The men together wax poetic about their twenties being their middle age. In turn they try to take on the next phase of their life – careers? Love? School? Nope.



It’s just they never really quite get there easily.

The journey is one of the most hilarious times I have had at a movie recently. The camera loves these young men. At one point, Ha-neul looked so stunning on the big screen that I fell into a dream-like trance. When you watch the movie, that effect was intentional. Kudos to Byeong-heon for that scene.

I want to see it again. Just to laugh with friends. Or with the strangers in the theater. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

The movie clocks in at under 2 hours and while there is no MPAA rating, it feels like a strong PG13 for language.

U.S. release date April 17, 2015.
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