Summer KPOP Songs to Check Out Now

KPOP has a lot of fun and sexy songs, but Summer KPOP songs are some of the best all year. Here’s a video playlist of 9 songs that I’m enjoying right now.

Girl’s DayDarling
A charming and fun song. The video isn’t overtly sexy and my favorite outfits are the black and yellow dresses that remind me of the first song I saw them in 3 years ago(!?), “Twinkle“.

Homme  It Girl
The male duo of 2AM’s Changmin and Lee Hyun of 8ight are back with a piano chord filled song that again showcases their fantastic vocals. The video has a muted “Blurred Lines” feel, but it is fun and most of all, classy.

Sistar – Touch My Body
I know a guy obsessed with this song. It’s catchy and honestly, Sister has a lot of great songs, so it’s hard not to avoid how infectious it is. The video is a bit much, but I blame the dance choreography and some of the outfits. One word, tacky.

Crush Hug Me
Warning, this is just a gateway to get his debut album because it is that good. R&B done so well and I can’t stop listening to it. The video is secondary, but get the album and press play.

f(x)Red Light
It’s a mash up of a song with vocals and sounds all over the place. I can’t help but like it, though. The women of f(x) might have cut their promotions short, but don’t let that stop you from checking this out.

Tae WanGood Morning
Along the same vocal veins as Crush and Gray, Tae Wan gives us a song with an upbeat, but silky sound. The video is sweet and most importantly, Verbal Jint shows up. I mean, for me it was important.

HyunA looks amazing, except for the cut off shorts. That might be my personal dislike for them, though. Or dislike overall for flat twerking. The MV reeks of Miley/Katy influence, which I’m surprised it took this long for Korea to do something like it.

B1A4Solo Day
I totally get the top down cruising feel for the song and the video compliments that, until it gets weird. Nevertheless, it’s a bright song that I don’t normally like, but after being forced to listen to it, I can’t stop.

JYJBack Seat
How can I NOT add JYJ? My main pet peeve is someone not correcting Yuchun on the pronunciation of Back Seat, but no matter, they ALL sound great and the video is sexy. And I love them. A lot. Mostly Jaejoong. Help. Just Kidding.

So much music is out and currently I am avoiding the khole of Sam Smith. Don’t let me get sucked in! Also, some of my Korean friends LOVE  Park Myung Soo’s “명수네 떡볶이.” I couldn’t find an official MV, but here’s a YouTube link.

You have some KPOP favorites? Tell us in the comments below or tweet me @itskandykandy!

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