YouTubers We Love

We went to VidCon 2014! It was their 5th year and our 1st year. We loved it. Just when you think you know all of the top Youtubers, you discover more. Here’s our top five with their recent or Vidcon related vids.

Kingsley – My king, nah, our King. He serves a dose of realness and humor and EVERYTHING. We noticed that he has a very young demo for the content he dishes out, but luckily he’s funny without being horribly offensive. He makes sense and he is without a doubt, his own person.

Superwoman – I’ve watched her stuff before, but seeing her live was awesome. Young girls look up to her and seeing that made me feel so good. I saw a father and daughter gush over Lily at a panel. She was so engaging that the daughter smiled from ear to ear and her father was invested in both Lily and seeing his daughter happy.

HartBeat – I discovered Hart at VidCon. I feel like I missed out and yet I have all these videos to catch up on! She may be a comedian, but she knows her shit outside of that. And again with the common sense. She has loads of it on top of being hilarious.

ShayTards – The first family of YouTube. They have grown up online and I think they figured out the vlog/life balance. I saw Shay & Colette during a relationships panel and they were mesmerizing to watch. I think families see a lot of themselves in them. I certainly felt like I saw my parents as well.

Sawyer Hartman – He’s dreamy. His Q&A at VidCon was a total treat. I don’t think there was another like it. He walked around. Took selfies. Gave hugs. It was candid and all him. He might not vlog as much as the others, but he can get it. I mean, he’s good. Also, while he has this certain carefree aura, he’s really selfless and does a lot of great things.


Team Andrew – Team Andrew consists of two Canadian musicians Andrew Huang formerly known as Songs To Wear Pants To and Andrew Gunadie aka Gunnarolla. Team Andrew frequently collaborate on many projects both musically inclined and silly videoblogs AND they’ve toured together in the past and future. I’ve been a follower for quite a few years so I was super happy to see them again and to see how tight knit they are with themselves and their fans.
PS – Don’t stare too long at Andrew Huang’s perfect triangle eyebrows.
PSS – Gunnarolla will be at KCON this year as a special guest! Who’s excited?? We’re excited.

The Trinity – The Trinity better known as Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. We’re HUGE fans of these hilarious ladies who have a strong following on their individual channels. All of which tend to involve alcohol (which we’re also huge fans of), but put these three together and we just can’t even. The booze. The laughs. THE PUNS. Oh goodness, the puns. I think we laughed the hardest at VidCon during their Q&A. It was a treat to see them play off one another in such a huge venue.


California love.