KCON Artist Lineup Wishlist

KCON tickets go on sale next week and everyone is biting their nails waiting for the final KCON artist lineup to be announced, including us! The lineup is pretty solid so far with Girls’ Generation, BTS, CNBLUE, IU and one of our favorites VIXX. We have some people that we’re keeping our fingers crossed for. Now let’s break down who we hope to be added with our KCON artist lineup wishlist in no particular order.


BIGBANG is set to have a comeback in July, but we know how YG is with release schedules. HOWEVER, even if they have a comeback on schedule, BIGBANG may be a stretch, so if we had to pick just one member to come, why not Taeyang? We’ve been all about Taeyang’s new album. And yes, he is scheduled to have concerts in Osaka a few days after KCON but they’ve had crazier schedules for sure. Sooo fingers crossed we get some lovely Taeyang action up in LA.


Crush is a freshly debuted artist under Amoeba Culture and is killing it with his impressive first album. Last year fellow Amoeba Culture artists Dynamic Duo took over the stage and this year Crush’s throwback R&B style would be a great addition to the KCON artist lineup.


We enjoyed seeing Girl’s Day at the LA K-Pop Festival in April. For their first time in the USA, they displayed charm and crowd LOVED them. Sadly they did not perform Twinkle Twinkle and we really want to see it in person so our lives can be complete.


We LOVE the After School sub-unit, Orange Caramel. Their fun colorful outfits and signature dance moves are ridiculously addicting. Neither of them has yet to perform in the US. Why has this not happened? With OC, they can bring the fun spunky energy that Crayon Pop brought last year. I’m squirming at the thought of what type of outfits they’d wear from their Catallena promotions. I vote donuts [I loved their convenience store themed outfits! – Cheryl].


So we may or may not have been obsessed with Beast lately. They just released their mini Good Luck which the title track is amazingly catchy, just like How Many Licks by Lil Kim (once you notice it YOU CAN’T UNHEAR IT). We also did a drinking game while marathoning the last 4 episodes of Beast is Burning Showtime variety show. That being said I feel it would only be right for Beast to return to the US because they always manage to find their way back to the US once a year ever since 2011. Keep that tradition going, Batoost!!


2012, we got EXO-M. 2013, we got EXO. Keeping in KCON tradition, it would only make sense for EXO-K to be in the 2014 lineup. It could potentially make for an interesting Roommate segment for Chanyeol to share his adventures with the housemates while he’s at KCON. Yet another good reason for Orange Caramel to come, Nana and Chanyeol roomie moments.


After 5 long years of solo activities and military duty, FTTS made a huge comeback in May with You, You, You. Brian came out for a club tour back in 2011, we think it’s about time he returns with Hwanhee this time around. They could even do a medley of some of their solo stuff. Brian would also be fun to see on a fitness or style panel similar to how Henry did a movie panel with Bobby Lee last year. The possibilities! Fly To The Sky, please Fly To KCON.


Block B is hitting up the East coast all this week for their US Showcase tour and the general consensus is they’re awesome live. So naturally West coast wants some of that action. They’re also scheduled to have a comeback in July so perfect timing for them to make their way back to the states. Very very gooooood!


APINK is another girl group that has yet to perform in America. Their popularity level in Korea is INSANE. So not only would Kpop fans be excited, but I’m sure they’d bring in a good amount of local Koreans. It’d be an even greater diverse crowd! Hu hu hu hu~


Hyun Joong recently announced his World Tour! However there’s a trend with Kpop artist world tours that either stay in Asia ala G-Dragon’s 2013 world tour or they just never make it to the US. Too bad so sad… BUT WAIT. He could bring his sexy self on over for KCON that way even if the US doesn’t land any stops on his tour we can at least get a lil taste.


I know, I know! Most likely none of JYP Nation will be coming to KCON due to their Seoul family concerts taking place the same weekend. This is reaching, but GOT7 theoretically could come & make it to the Sunday night show. However they’d be exhausted, then the whole fan interaction opportunities would come into question, and nobody would be happy missing out on that. Come on, we need more MarkSon in our lives, okay? In a perfect world they’d come, have a good time and we’d be ecstatic ’cause these rookies are so fun and we’d love to see them do JJ Project’s Bounce live.

Now we know not all of these artists will come or even the possibility of none of them coming. That’s ok! That’s what wishlists are for, wishful thinking! Who do you want to see for this year’s KCON Artist Lineup? Let us know in the comments below!

KCON combo package tickets go on sale Tuesday July 1st at 10AM PST, and individual tickets go on sale Thursday July 3rd at 10AM PST! Buy your tickets HERE.

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