Favorite Classic Sailor Moon Songs

If you haven’t heard yet Sailor Moon is making a comeback really soon! …. Like 2 weeks soon! Most 80’s or 90’s kids grew up watching or at least knew of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon played a HUGE part in my not only in my interests of animation and art, but how I went about learning how to use the internet and software programs (*HINT* I used to compete in AMV competitions when I was 15. Shhhh!). Besides the color characters and dramatic story lines, one of my favorite things about the original series was the MUSIC. So for this Friday 5, I bring you my favorite classic Sailor Moon songs!

“Rashiku” Ikimasho (“らしく”いきましょ ; “I’ll Go As Myself”)

I have a confession to make. ChibiUsa aka Sailor Chibi Moon was my FAVORITE character growing up. Like ChibiUsa63 was my AOL handle. I even dressed up as her for Halloween in 1998 minus the pink hair ’cause I was 12 that was not an option. So I was ecstatic to discover that season 4, Sailor Moon SuperS, featured her and a pega-corn. OMG. However I never did see SuperS in it’s entirety until 2004 when they released the DVDs, but naturally I got a hold of the music years before and the second ending theme song was my JAM.

Unmei wa Utsukushiku (運命は美しく ; “Fate Is So Beautiful”)

Unmei wa Utsukushiku was one of the first Sailor Moon songs I heard that wasn’t an opening or ending theme song and I LOVE it. It’s sung by Sailor Neptune’s seiyuu/voice actress Katsuki Matsuko as her character single for the 4th season; Sailor Moon S. I actually first heard it used for a Neptune x Uranus anime music video and was entranced by how calm but haunting the song is. It’s not quite a ballad but it still holds up with it’s synthesized drums and piano hook.

Sailor Star Song (セーラースターソング)

Ahhh.. the Sailor Star season. The season that never made (legally) to the US what with all the genderbending and “nudity.” So naturally I spent $200+ on the fansubbed VHS tapes. Why I saw this season before SuperS? I don’t know, I was 14 at the time! I remember getting in trouble and my mom punished me by hiding my VHS tapes the moment they came in the mail…. Unfortunately for her, I knew where she hid them & I’d marathon the tapes before she got home from work for 2 weeks (sorry, Mom!)… So the Sailor Star Song always brings back memories of my defiant adolescent behavior. Makenai! (Don’t Give Up!)

Moon Revenge (ムーン・リベンジ)

Moon Revenge is one of those songs that gets your blood pumping with it’s crazy dramatic pace. Which is rightfully so since it’s the song used for the most climatic part of the Sailor Moon R Movie. It’s sung by Peach Hips which is the group name for the original seiyuu’s of Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus). My favorite part is the overlay of the girls’ individual verses with their past memories showcasing their friendship with Usagi/Sailor Moon. Gets me right in the feels!

Golden Queen Galaxia (ゴールデンクイーン・ギャラクシア)

Ok, this song is just kickass. It’s SO different from other Sailor Moon character single with that intense organ/guitar opening that absolutely suits the Sailor Stars season villain, Queen Galaxia. The closing to the chorus makes you want to belt out those notes right along with Horie Mitsuko, Galaxia’s seiyuu. I AM THE GOLDEN OF SHADOW GALAXIA. Lets not forget that semi tango break down mid-song followed by an awesome solo guitar rift. How many Sailor Moon songs have THAT?

Sailor Busters (セーラーバスターズ)

I didn’t really follow the SeraMyu (Sailor Moon Musical) series, but Sailor Busters was one of those random songs I downloaded in my continuous hunt for more Sailor Moon music back in the late 90’s. I had no idea it wasn’t in the anime back then but it was on repeat with that catchy the chorus! Sailor Busters!

Do you have any favorite Sailor Moon songs not mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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