Korean Dishes You Need to Try Next

So you’ve heard about Korean food. You really like Korean BBQ, but is that all? Here are some Korean dishes I enjoy quite a bit. Some might freak you out. I was freaked out at first! Now I look forward to the stuff that others might balk at. Give it a try. It’s like the first time I tried sweetbreads. BTW, it tasted glorious!

Nakji Jeongol (낙지전골) – octopus stew (or casserole)
This is a spicy stew with vegetables and octopus that is cooked at your table. In some places they will add live octopus into the pot. I love this stew with some slices of beef.
Video is NOT for the squeamish!

Dak Ddong Jjip – (닭똥집 볶음) – pan fried chicken gizzards
A gizzard is second stomach for birds to grind up harder foods. To me it is spicy chewy deliciousness. Typically served as anju (side dish) at Korean bars and best with ice cold beer. It usually has korean peppers and lots of garlic.

Dwaejigalbi (돼지갈비) – spicy pork ribs
One of my favorites! It’s pretty general, just spicy pork spare ribs. I’ve seen them done several ways. Slow cooked and more commonly done, grilled. I like them paired with rice and kimchi jjigae (stew).

Gopchang (곱창) – grilled pork or cow intestines
You read that right, intestines! I like them best when they are grilled to a crunch, but there are many ways to eat them. Best with some soju!

Jokbal (족발) – cooked pigs feet
Years ago I thought eating pork belly was gross. Which is weird because I loved fried pig skin. When I think of pig’s feet, I remember those jars at the grocery store. EWWW. Then at the Korean festival here, I tried a piece from a vendor and for 2 days it was all I ate. It’s served with a salted shrimp sauce which to me, is a better version of Filipino bagoong. It’s marinated pork goodness wrapped up in lettuce or with salad. AND with beer.

Do you have strange or different foods you enjoy? Tell us in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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