Taeyang Music Experiment

We’ve got a special TBT featuring Taeyang Music Experiment this week in celebration of his 2nd solo album RISE. Not to mention his recent win on M Countdown with Eyes, Nose, Lips (눈,코,입).

KK-TaeyangME-2Just before Thanksgiving in 2013, MTV Iggy and Intel brought Taeyang to San Francisco for an intimate performance just for his fans. I say intimate because 1. the venue capacity held just under 700 people and 2. everyone there (besides staff/crew/media) had to win GA or VIP tickets via various social media challenges. So the audience was packed with die hard Taeyang fans and supporters!

I was fortunate enough to win a pair and let me tell you I FLIPPED out when I got that email. So Cheryl and I immediately started planning outfits. The whole event was white themed and encouraged attendees to dress accordingly. We could resist going all out. I even bought a white wig for the occasion.

Anywho! Night off, we blasted Ringa Linga on the way, and showed up just as doors were opening ’cause we’re lazy/wanted to minimize our waiting time. Once inside we ran amuck and made friends with the bartenders as Choice 37 warmed up the crowd for the first hour or so.

Not gonna lie, we MAY have abused the Intel photobooth area… extensively.
201311_Taeyang-4 201311_Taeyang-5 201311_Taeyang-7

KK-TaeyangME-9Taeyang finally made his grand appearance at around 10PM and everyone went nuts! We made our way to the front as the show progressed and we could see the sweat glistening under the stage lights. It was nice. He started off the show  with his crazy white Rufio-esque mohawk sporting a leather jacket. In true Taeyang fashion, he promptly stripped down to a white tank top segueing into his songs Superstar, Break Down, I Need A Girl, Only Look At Me and debuted (at the time) his unreleased single, 1AM and Ringa Linga.

He left the stage after Ringa Linga leaving people kind of confused at the short set. He returned shortly after for SEVEN encore songs including Bad Boy, Wedding Dress (acapella), Super StarOnly Look At Me, I Need A Girl (acapella) and Fantastic Baby. Why he chose to wear that hat with the built in braids… We’ll never know. It was great to see Taeyang up there having fun and doing his thing in front of such a devoted audience.

KK-TaeyangME-22Overall I was super happy with the event and concert. My only issue was why was the actual show so short? It had to have been only maybe 30-40 mins tops, but Taeyang made up for it by pretty much repeating the whole show for the encore. Also I need to see him perform Take It Slow once in my life. Apparently Taeyang’s Music Experiment was not that night. Here’s hoping KCON throws a curve ball and brings a lil bit of sun for one of their concert lineups this year! (HINT HINT for you, KCON~)

If you missed the show or just want to relive it. FEAR NOT! You can stream it in it’s entirety and see photos from fans at musicexperiment.com!

Were you in attendance for Taeyang’s Music Experiment show? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!

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Be sure to check out Taeyang’s newest album RISE on iTunes.

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