Half-Year Korean Drama Wrap-Up

We’ve reached the halfway point of the year with Korean dramas and I can’t say I’m impressed so far, but I’m still watching, so that’s a thing. Here’s 5 of my kdrama recommendations so far with the good and the bad and a few not so good added for good measure.

Secret Love Affair

CHEMISTRY. This May-December romance had enough electricity to power a medium sized town.
MUSIC. The interludes and the piano piece played an integral part in setting the mood of the scenes.
SLOW. It wasn’t slow for me. I enjoyed the burn, but for others, they might get impatient.
POWER. We had adults playing cat and mice with each other. Often a woman taking the fall.

Bride of the Century

LEE HONG KI. Wow, he was made for this role. The delight in seeing his character find his place was perfect.
YANG JIN SUNG. I don’t know how she did it, but she convincingly played 2 roles that were polar opposites.
HALF-CEST. Not a fan of the weird feelings the half brother had for his sister or her doppelgänger.
MOTHERS. Yes, kdramas are known for a wack mom. This one had two. Let that simmer.

I Need Romance 3

SUNG JOON. Yeah. That’s all you need.
WOMEN. Great friendships. Honest relationship discussions. Women in high powered jobs. Yes, please.
MEN. I just want one drama where a woman isn’t cut down so low that her worth is attached to a stupid man.
FRIEND ZONES. Make up your mind. You’re either a friend or not. Don’t make that grey area greyer.


BRO-ANGLE. A fluid tale of 3 brothers who have no idea they are related, but their lives are entwined and it works.
BROMANCE. The chemistry with all the male characters are pretty on point. Even down to their hoodrat friends.
VIOLENCE. I find most of it a bit over the top. I get that when you have a team of hoodlums, you have it, but it’s too much.
REVENGE. In the background is a revenge plot, but it seems rather moot considering the the “triangle” the brothers are in.

A Witch’s Love

UHM JUNG HWA. She’s back. She looks amazing. She parlays a strong woman, while allowing herself to be vulnerable.
PARK SEO JOON. Um, he’s been amazing. To play a role that Ethan Ruan embodied and make it his own at 25 years old.
WORK STAFF. They are annoying, but luckily not as annoying at the Taiwan version.
THE EX. He’s basically Mr. Big and I hate Mr. Big. FYI, I didn’t like Carrie with Big AT ALL.


I really enjoyed all these dramas, but I’ll mention a few that I don’t recommend, but I suffered through for you guys.

Cunning Single Lady

SEO KANG JOON. Even though his character went to shit, he displayed maturity in a role older than his years.
STORY. So much potential. So much fail. I struggled with this until the end. And all because I liked the cast.

Doctor Stranger

LEE JONG SUK. His face. His pretty perm. His ability to act the fuck out of a serious scene.
LEE JONG SUK. His weird shoulder porn. His aloof reactions to seemingly serious situations. His crappy girlfriend storyline.

Videos courtesy of tvN DRAMA and DramaFever on Youtube.

Do you have any favorites of 2014? What did you think of the dramas above? Let us know in the comments below! Or @ reply us on Twitter.

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