A Fast 5 with Korean Rock Band SmackSoft

We have another Friday 5 for you all with a Fast 5 Q&A with the vocalist/guitarist of SmackSoft, Bo Ryung Whang 황보령. Be sure to check out our full interview here.


KandyKandy: What’s your favorite drink?
Bo Ryung Whang: Usually coffee and water – for alcohol, cognac or La Fin du Monde beer.

KK: What band would you like to tour with?
BO: Daft Punk or Brian Eno would both be dreams come true!

KK: If you didn’t do music, what would you do?
BO: If I couldn’t play music, I probably wouldn’t be alive.

KK: Favorite TV show?
BO: I don’t watch TV, but I do like Korean, Japanese, and British movies.

KK: Dream venue to play in?
BO: I’d love to play at the Glastonbury Festival one day. But anywhere where we can travel and play is always an amazing experience.

** Fast 5 Bonus! which is our always relevant 6th magical question!

KK: What’s your favorite candy?
BO: Jolly Rancher

Thank you BO for putting up with our silly questions!

Check out SmackSoft’s SNS/websites:

SmackSoft’s most recent album, Follow Your Heart, is available on iTunes.

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