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A Fast 5 with Korean Punk Rock Band Crying Nut 크라잉 넛

This Friday 5 we have a Fast 5 Q&A with Lee Sangmyun and Kim Insoo of Crying Nut 크라잉 넛. Check out our full interview with them here!

Crying Nut

KandyKandy: What’s your favorite drink?
Sangmyun:  Every kind of beer.
Insoo: Whisky!

KK: What band would you like to tour with?  
Sangmyun: Crayon Pop.
Insoo: I’d love for Crying Nut to open for Motorhead.  I’d love for us to be able to tour overseas with Galaxy Express, Piñata Protest, and Descartes a Kant, too.

KK: If you didn’t do music, what would you do?
Sangmyun:  Maybe I’d work for an environmental company.
Insoo: A doctor? A soldier in the army? A convict? I don’t know. I’ve never thought about doing anything other than music before.

KK: Favorite TV show?
Sangmyun: I don’t have one.
Insoo: Generation Kill

KK: Dream venue to play in?
Sangmyun: I don’t have a dream venue I want to play in, but I’d love for Crying Nut to have the chance to play at many major music festivals around the world.
Insoo: CBGB in the early 1980s.

** Fast 5 Bonus! Which is the magical 6th question.

KK: What’s your favorite candy?
Sangmyun: I don’t like candy.  I prefer salty chips or beef jerky with beer. [KK note: we count beef jerky as meat candy.]
Insoo: Whisky! [There’s a theme here…]

Thanks to the guys for once again answering some fun questions for us!

Check out Crying Nut‘s SNS/websites:

Their last full album, Flaming Nuts, is available on itunes HERE.

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