KANDY Q&A: Korean Band Crying Nut 크라잉 넛

Crying Nut 크라잉 넛 is a 5 piece punk band that started out in 1990s and continues going strong today. They recently finished some gigs in Texas, including SXSW. In the midst of those shows and maybe some drinks, Sangmyun Lee 이상면 (guitar) and Insoo Kim 김인수 (accordion/keyboard) answered a few questions for us.

박윤식 PARK YoonSik (Vocal/Guitar) 이상면 LEE SangMyun (Guitar) 한경록 HAHN KyungRock (Vocal/Bass) 이상혁 LEE SangHyuk (Drum) 김인수 KIM InSoo (Accordion/Keyboard)

Crying Nut 크라잉 넛 is: KyungRok Han 한경록 (Vocal/Bass), YoonSik Park 박윤식 (Vocal/Guitar), Insoo Kim 김인수 (Accordion/Keyboard), SangHyuk Lee 이상혁 (Drums) and Sangmyun Lee 이상면 (Guitar)

KandyKandy: Seeing that you guys emerged from the 90s, what bands from that era influenced you? What bands do you enjoy now?
Sangmyun Lee: When we started, we were influenced by alternative bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Smashing Pumpkins. Then we got into groups like Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, the Pixies, Sonic Youth, etc. Now I enjoy lots of different styles of music.
Insoo Kim: I really like Dead Kennedys. I’m really happy that Jello Biafra is still performing and making music.

KK: Any differences in the audiences that you have noticed between the US and Korea?
Insoo: US audiences can be the hottest and the coldest. If a gig is good, they will go crazy and have lots of fun. But if a gig is boring, they talk very loudly and are sometimes even louder than the band.
Sangmyun: Korean audiences tend to get excited no matter who is on stage. They love cheering, clapping, and jumping up and down even if they don’t know who the band performing are. It’s a fun environment to be in.

KK: Is the language barrier hard? Do any of you speak another language?
Sangmyun: The language barrier isn’t that hard but I wish I could speak English better.
Insoo: I can speak Japanese a little. I really want to learn Spanish.

KK: Did you ever think you would be in a band this long? Why do you think you’ve been together for so long?
Sangmyun: We’ve been friends since we were kids and our still good friends now. That’s made it easier to keep making music together. We plan to keep playing as Crying Nut for a long long time still.

KK: Who is the best drinker in the group? Who is the worst?
Sangmyun: I don’t know who the best drinker is. I think all of us are tied for worst drinker.
Insoo: When we start drinking, I can never remember what happened so it’s tough to say who the best and worst drinkers are. Oh! Maybe that makes me the worst.

감사합니다 to Sangmyun and Insoo for taking time out to answer some questions!

Check out Crying Nut‘s SNS/websites:

Their last full album, Flaming Nuts, is available on itunes HERE.

Their last gig of their US tour is in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 18 at Cafe Nela check our event page or Cafe Nela’s event post.

Crying Nut LA Concert Poster

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