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REVIEW: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection San Francisco – 02.15.14

Like most people, my first exposure to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was when she released “PON PON PON” in 2011. I was instantly hooked. So I made sure to make an effort to see her when she came out to J-POP Summit in July last year, just to get a glimpse of her performing. She revealed she’d be returning to San Francisco for a full concert in 2014, when tickets when on sale for her Nanda Collection Word Tour I didn’t hesitate to snatch some up!

201402_KPP-38Fast forward nearly 6 months, my friends and I decided to make a day of it in Japan Town (I know, typical)! We donned our color wigs, skirts and accessories inspired by fairy kei; similar to gothic lolita and decors styles but usually more on the pastel sparkly side with an emphasis on the 80’s. After a few hours of ridiculous photos and posing with tiny children (is this what a Disney Princess feels like??), we made out way to the venue.

I’ve been to The Regency Ballroom a few times in the past for company parties and other shows so finding my way to the Merchandise table was first on my list. For this show they utilized a new app/service SideStep where you could pre-order official tour items (mostly just shirts, a fan towel and hoodie), before the concert and skip the merch line or have it delivered to your home. However if you wanted a CD, keychain, stickers, etc you’d still need to wait in line, Eeep.

I was in the market for a new hoodie so I splurged on a the cute pastel laden Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hoodie. No regrets! I promptly took a picture with the giant pink bunny mascot with hot pink nipples.. it also had a KPP heart on it’s butt. SO cute! A whole 5 mins later said bunny came over to me after I had bought a vodka soda which bunny promptly “drank” from. Great start to a magical evening.


As expected Kyary Pamyu Pamyu opened the show with a bang starting with “Nanda Collection” and “Invader Invader.” I was needlessly excited to see her perform “Mi” since I’ve only listened to it in commercial form. On top of playing her popular hits such as “Furisodeshon” and “Mottai Night Land.” Kyary even performed her newest single “Yume no Hajima Ring Ring” which was a step away from her usual style but very touching and fitting at the same time. A perfect song to segue in to the second intermission which incl;uded her gambling and dressing as a bike gang member a la bosozoku style.

The crowd went absolutely nuts when the music for “PON PON PON” finally blasted from the speakers. Everyone danced along and clapped to the beat. My favorite song Fashion Monster followed right after and sweet candy lord, she looked amazing in her pure white fairy dress and oversized prom queen tiara. It was magical. It was far from over as my friends and I were waiting for… you guessed it, “Candy Candy!” How did we still have the energy to dance to this by the end?? We bounced around with her and could only wished we had hot pink bunny ear hats of our own.

KPPSF-8My favorite part of the show was with a doubt all the outfits and props designs Kyary and her backup dancers got to wear and use on stage. I was probably most excited to see those and they did not disappoint! She jumped from a purple-pink-green stuffed animal themed dress to a patchwork ragdoll look complete with a giant candy bow. Her dancers stayed in their clown-esque onesies for the duration of the show but I could not take my eyes off of them! Their energy levels were off the charts and you could tell they LOVE what they do.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music can sound very repetitive to a new listener but the overall presentation and passion that is brought to her show was fantastic! I highly recommend seeing her in the future. Just remember to bring ear plugs cause those speakers really pack a punch on those higher notes!KPPSF-30Did you see any of Kyary’s shows in California? Let us know what your favorite songs were!

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