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REVIEW: CNBLUE “Blue Moon World Tour” Pasadena 01.24.14

CNBLUE came back to the L.A. area with their own “Blue Moon World Tour” at the Pasadena Civic Center. The last time we saw CNBLUE do a full set was when they co-headlined a concert in early 2012 with fellow labelmates, FT Island. If you went to that concert you knew exactly what you were in for.

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The venue almost at capacity and with the energy, you felt it. There was a video introduction and the band jumped into “Where You Are” the english version with a confetti finish. That proved to be a little of a nuisance while performing as the crew had to unexpectedly clean it up over the course of a few songs. The sound overall was good and a sea of blue light sticks filled the audience.

Leader and main vocal, Jung Yonghwa did a ton of higher register screaming and spoke English the majority of the concert. Actually, every chance the band members had to speak, they chose English. It was really good and fun to hear.

Are you understand? Thank you! – Yonghwa

I never noticed much of the guitar choices for Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun before, but they used Fender and for a lot of the concert, a Telecaster was used for both. I LOVED this.

Yonghwa as a leader interacted a lot with the crowd and so did bassist, Lee Jungshin. The fans in front really got a fun show. A great thing to note was how much the lighting of the show was on the crowd. It was if the band really wanted see the audience and to read them.

Another good part of the show was using a “lyric style” video while performing “Wake Up.” Jungshin led the engagement with this song and drummer Kang Minhyuk displayed a great double bass build up towards the end of it.

With the band pretty loose, Yonghwa played a few bars of “California Love” and did a piano solo, which was great despite some weird and almost rude yelling from some people in the crowd. He handled it well.

With the moodier songs, the lights went down and it was very dream and starry like. It was gorgeous. Yonghwa then coined the acronym, DSM – “Dark Sexy Metal,” a term that made himself laugh.

CNBLUE plays their hits and does an encore dressed in their tour shirts. They all sang their thank yous and displayed very cute personas. Even beatboxing to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” with various noises.

It was such a great time… I don’t think I can’t ever forget this place and feeling from you. – Minhyuk

We cannot either. We had more of a chance to see the band members grow and evolve from their last show. That is really what I love to see from bands and CNBLUE has aged well in a short time.

They recently concluded their Blue Moon World tour on January 31 in Chile.

CNBLUE recently released their latest mini album [iTunes]. Check their SNS for updates!
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Official photos of the concert by Powerhouse Live.

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California love.