Favorite Coffee Places in the L.A. Area

Celebrating the Big Western coffee competition this weekend, here are my favorite coffee places in the L.A area. Photos by me with my Nikon or iPhone 5. You can tell which is which.

Andante Coffee Roasters
Andante Coffee Roasters – 7623 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036
This place is probably my favorite coffee shop right now and that is saying something when I pay parking to go because it is in mid-city. Also, one of my amazing friends works there (hi Ryan!). My tastes in coffee tend to go to light and medium roasts, and Andante hits that right on the nose for me. I’m also a sucker for a good vanilla latte and barista Ryan makes them exactly the way I like it. The rest of the crew is pretty legit (oh hey, hi Tommy & Jacob!).

Coffee Tomo
Coffee Tomo – 11309 Mississippi Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025
Small and right in the middle of Little Osaka in West L.A., Tomo’s coffee is borderline too rich for me, but I love them in their lattes. Adam does some cute latte art, which I’m a sucker for. It’s also another place where I like that they make recommendations on coffee when I’m feeling adventurous. Hey, a year ago you’d never seen me drink black coffee, now I drink it on the regular. It’s thanks to places like this that has opened my eyes to it. I still get a latte though. Remember, cute bear latte art! Also, the pretzels are delish!
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Cafe Dulce
Cafe Dulce – 134 Japanese Village Plaza; Bldg. E, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Not really a sit down place, and parking is a bitch, but Cafe Dulce makes me want to eat donuts with my coffee. I don’t eat donuts often. Maybe 3 a year? In any case, I’ll occasionally have one here. They rotate which coffees they serve. I believe right now that feature Verve (OMG, I LOVE VERVE) and Stumptown. Sometimes they feature other roasters. I dig that. They have a pop up as well, but the Little Tokyo location is just a great place. Don’t let the lines intimidate you, it goes quick.
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HAUS by Coffee Hunter
HAUS by Coffee Hunter – 3826 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020
My favorite local place. I’m here so much that some of the crew here are like family. The owner, Chris Kim, introduced me to his roasts and basically started my mini obsession with coffee. This place was the gateway for me. It is a lounge-like cafe with a full menu, but I always get coffee here and occasional dessert. They have expanded to some coffee cocktails, but I can’t stray much from their lattes, which I love. They roast in house and their pourover is like watching a mini show. It’s fun seeing people so captivated by it.

IOTA – 528 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020
Big, airy and filled with pop videos, IOTA is full of gloss and a little fancy, but they have a really interesting drink menu that keeps me coming back. I don’t even know if there is caffeine in half of them, but I just love it. They also serve my favorite Americano/espresso. It’s something to do with their roast, of course. I just really enjoy it a lot and I really haven’t figured out why. I don’t like it in lattes, but 2-3 Americanos later and I’m buzzy and happy. Go figure.
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