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Moments From U-KISS Performing In San Francisco

Since Cheryl wrote the review for U-KISS’ LA show, I figured I’d give a lil recap of my favorite moments from U-KISS performing in San Francisco. Warning: I’m a bit of a U-KISS fangirl.



First off the last time I saw U-KISS was when they performed at the Korea Times Music Festival (KMF) in 2011. Which as most Kpop fans know, is a huge annual event but each artist only performs 2-3 songs. I was elated that they even came to NorCal in a city I called home for the past 8 years. Not sure how many of you are aware of this but U-KISS is probably my favorite group in Kpop. When I try to get in my happy zone, I throw some U-KISS on my playlists. I ain’t even gonna lie I got a little choked up when they started singing Someday and 0330. Thankfully they didn’t perform Take Me Away or I’d have been a sobbing mess on the pit floor. Bottom line. U-KISS in SF? Best way to kick off the new year for me!


Fan Service

Ok, all Kpop artists do fan service to an extent during shows, but U-KISS was a special brand of that. U-KISS’ aloofness while still being kinda cheeky and energetic was greatly appreciated. It helps that 3 out of the 6 members is fluent (or near fluent) in English. Soohyun and Hoon were peaches to be quite honest, and everyone had their moments, but AJ just needs to stop because I can’t with him in the best possible way. I loved that the concert felt more like how a showcase which only highlighted their playful personalities even more. It wasn’t the usual lineup of songs broken up with brief talks to the audience. During the second half of the show they had a Fan Q&A session followed by the Super Fan segment where one fan was selected (generally a week before the concert) then brought on stage to be serenaded by the boys, and let me tell you SF’s Super Fan bit had some PRICELESS moments. I’m lookin’ at you, AJ! Anywho, kudos to Mnet and Powerhouse for upping the fan interaction for this event!


Kevin’s Thank You Speech

Even though San Francisco isn’t Kevin Woo’s hometown (it’s actually Danville, but #kpopmaps, ok?), performing at the Warfield is pretty damn close and one hell of a venue for a homecoming. Not only lovely mother but his whole Bay Area family and friends came out to support and you could feel it when he was singing and dancing. This was his first time performing on stage for them. Towards the end he gave them a warm shout out then his voice started to waver as he wished his Grandmother could have been there to see him. The audience lost it, not a dry eye in the house as Kevin started tearing up. It was so heartbreaking but everyone cheered him on. It was beautiful.



It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a show as a fan, but I’ve never felt more welcome then by KissMes. My friend and I showed up fairly late in the day, but people we’d never met were willing and gladly saved us spots in line. Upon arrival two KissMes who came all the way from Japan greeted us with gift bags filled candies and small goodies from Japan! Who does that?! Japanese KissMes, that’s who! Later we found out one of new friends was actually the Super Fan for SF and proceeded to help keep her sane until the time she had to be pulled backstage. We all laughed, cried, and bonded over U-KISS the rest of the night. I’m so happy to say I that made so many lovely friends thanks to U-KISS’ concerts and we still keep in contact via Pacific KissMes!


One Wish Campaign

First off Cheryl and I are big supporters of charity projects as well as believers in paying it forward. So I was really happy to see KPOP United holding their One Wish Campaign to bring a fan to meet U-KISS and see their concert who may have no been able to otherwise. The lucky winner was Christopher Duran who came with his mother and sister Michelle to the San Francisco show! My new friends and I had the pleasure of meeting them after the show finished. It was great meeting and my heart swell to see him so happy after seeing U-KISS perform.
UKISS1stUSTourSF-12Did you go to any of U-KISS’ US concerts? Did I meet you at any of them? What were your favorite things about the show(s)? Let’s relive those U-KISS memories in the comments!

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