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Entertaining Twitters You Should Follow (If You Want)

I’ve been a Twitter user for almost 6 years, I have several accounts and like to follow a pretty diverse group of people to keep my timeline exciting. Here are 5 Twitters I currently really like.

Retta is known for playing Donna on Parks and Recreation. I love her “not” live tweeting of shows. It’s something I do on occasion, but with much less humor. If only I can be 5% as funny as her, my work is done.

Kelly Oxford is a writer and I love her blunt as all get out tweets. She also has a great circle of friends which you might find your self slowly drawn into following them as well.

Franchesca Ramsey is a Youtuber, but she’s also a graphic designer. It’s something I found refreshing to her posts because she’s passionate about both. She’s funny, smart and you can’t help but cheer for her.

Ladies are dominating, time for a guy, I guess. Seriously though, Asawin Suebaeng is a reporter for Mother Jones and all types of awesome. Politics, check. Movies, check. He’s pretty much the guy who would kill it at everyone’s party.

The Coquette (formerly CokeTalk to some old tumblrs) is someone no one really knows except she dishes out some realness and makes no regrets about it. You can take her advice or not. It’s your choice. She’s makes that clear.

Of course if you have some favorites, share them in the comments below!

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