Teri’s 2014 Resolutions

Yes, it’s another 2014 resolutions post! 2013 was kind of a whirl wind for me. I was uprooted from San Francisco around August after having lived there for nearly 8 years, and moved back to my hometown of San Jose. As a result I’ve spent more time in Los Angeles since San Jose makes me feel a little lost when you have no car to get around in.

Now I’m at a crossroads and trying to rediscover what I want out of life but still finding a way to pay the bills (isn’t that everybody?). I tried to accomplish my 2013 resolutions however a good chunk of them fell through the cracks when I was laid off mid-year, eeep!

I’ve got a lot of hope for 2014 and, like most people, I’ll be working towards bettering myself healthily, mentally and artistically. I’m excited to see what challenges I will take on this year.

Like Cheryl did in her post I will include some links to resources I’ll be utilizes to help me achieve my goals. Here are my 2014 resolutions!

Do more drawing exploration.
I’ve been feeling very stagnant with my current art and style. I tend to keep to the same techniques when making n illustration and I’m not happy with it. I tend to stick to line art with flat coloring which is fine, but I’d love to be able to do more lush and painterly coloring style like all the wonderful concept art I see for animated films’ making of art books. I also want to level up my character design skills. Animals are hard, ok? I essentially aim to make a brand new portfolio that I can submit to work towards getting that dream job as a visual development artist.

To accomplish this goal I’ll be throwing myself into books, tutorials, online courses and just drawing, drawing, drawing. Here are some resources I’ve scrounged up in my research: Skillshare: Design Courses – CG Mastery Academy – Taught By A Pro – PIXELovely – Character Design References  Vector Tuts+.

Be healthier.
I know Cheryl did a health related resolution along with everyone else in the world, but it’s a must. I’m not overweight however I don’t view myself as being particularly healthy. I have decent stamina and endurance, but I am not physically strong. I do most of my work hunched over a computer as a result I’ve developed a weak upper back to the point that it’s affecting my sleep. I also don’t have the best eating habits considering my undying love of cheeseburgers and sugar. So my goal is to cut back on quick meals via processed foods, be mindful of my working habits and to incorporate more time for 30 min exercising.

While I know a handful of stretches after seeing a chiropractor the first 6 months of 2013, those don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. Thus I turn to Blogilates’ Pop Pilates Beginner Calendar to guide me through my daily exercises. It’s just the right amount of intensity to ease in to exercising for my bad back!

This one’s a little vague but applies to many aspects of my current living situation. Most of my stuff from when I moved home last year is still in boxes because I have no place for them in my much smaller room. The items I do have are in random piles or drawers. I hope that by organizing my things I can get on a schedule, and be more productive in a less cluttered environment of my shoebox sized room. If I can also purge and organize the files on my computer(s), bonus points!

Once my domain is de-cluttered amping up my productivity skills is next in the process! Luckily I’ll be trying out a new Skillshare class to help me along my way. I also love poking around Lifehacker for interesting organizational tips!

Read more.
I was reading a lot more at the beginning of 2013 and I loved it. I had a good 30-45 min commute to my job where I’d just read. But ever since I became unemployed actually setting aside time to read has been difficult. I’m used to reading on a bus or a train and which I only take when I go to San Francisco or Los Angeles so I’m only reading once or twice a month now. That’s a habit I want to break. When I’m at home I’m surrounded by electronic distractions constantly. So hopefully instead of falling in to a Netflix marathon I’ll start reading some of those awesome design books I got for Christmas.

I’ve been using Goodreads for almost two years but this year I’ll make use of their book reading challenge feature. You enter the number of books you aim to read in 2014 & it helps log your progress! I’ve got 1 down 14 more to go!

Get a driver’s license.
You read that right. I don’t have a driver’s license. I grew up never really being interested in driving. Then I was a passenger in some minor car accidents. Nothing too serious but enough to scare me out of wanting to drive right away. Up until August 2013 I’d been studying/working in San Francisco so public transportation allowed me to go about my life sans car. Now that I’m in San Jose I miss the dysfunctional public transit systems of Muni and BART greatly. It also makes job hunts even more difficult and I feel like I’ve lost my independence. I can still get around but what would take a 15 min drive to the train station takes roughly an hour by bus in San Jose.

I’m well on my way with this resolution.. I have my permit test on the 21st. It’s not even a driving test, just the written one and I’m TERRIFIED. Wish me luck!

Those are doable, right? Right! Let me know some of your resolutions in the comments!

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