Cheryl’s 2014 Resolutions

Oh 2014 resolutions. I think what I love most about the new year, is that it really feels like a new beginning. Not like you wake up Sunday morning and proclaim something like, “this week I am going to go to bed by midnight” and hope that it sticks. A new year just feels like a true start. And it is, I think. It’s got a new number, right?

In any case, I used to do things like monthly resolutions just to see if I can do things. You know how they say it takes 21 days to change a habit, why not go the month? I still do the monthly resolutions, but not consistently every month.

I have one long standing resolution and that is to not smoke. I haven’t had a cigarette since 2009, or technically, 2010 since I had a “last one” on New Years. I never looked back. I do miss it from time to time, but there’s no desire to start.

I actually started this year with an incredible amount of sadness with the loss of my beloved dog, Kahi, but in turn I think that her spirit is getting me ready for a new push forward. I hope that some of my resolutions reflect that.

Here’s my 5 resolutions and some websites I’m checking out to get them done.

Get healthy.
I know, this is THE stereotypical one. Why not continue to have it as a goal, though? I’ve always had a gym membership and I usually try to be active, but I’m never really that into it. So yeah, time to get on that shit. I was going to train for a marathon, but I think I’ll just get fit first.

Check out Give It 100 for inspiration. A new site that shows progress or no progress. The point is to keep trying no matter what. The site was co-founded by Karen X. Cheng who learned how to dance in a year.

Monthly dinners at home. 
I used to host monthly dinners and then sometime in the fall I sort of lost track of it and stopped. I think it was because I started a new hangout thing with friends that didn’t require me cleaning my home up because we went out. This is a double win, because I will also be able to have a clean house, right?

Check out Maangchi for easy to follow recipes for Korean food, which is my favorite kind of food aside from burgers and anything made from potatoes.

Learn a foreign language.
I have some Korean friends and I’ve been into Korean entertainment for years, but I never felt the need to up my language skills to the next level. I comprehend a lot, but my enunciation is always kind of off. I’ve been putting post its around the house and I have a white board to figure out the hangul (Korean alphabet) and grammar. It’s different obviously, but kind of weird how simple it is compared to the English language.

Check out Talk To Me in Korean which has a lot of lessons and they do it with some cheekiness. Not interested in Korean? Another great site is Duolingo. I might try my hand at French next! They “gamify” the learning process.

Learn a computer language.
Back when I worked for a social network, I used to help manage a design team. The designers were mainly hybrid ones who did both visual and front end coding. I knew very little Photoshop/Illustrator and just knew the bare basics of HTML. Do not even ask me about CSS. What I did have, was a good eye for design & UX, which is probably why I did well with the team. This time I want to learn. Running this blog has certainly fueled that desire.

Check out Code Academy. It’s free and the UI is good. Go at your own pace and even join groups to share work and get tips.

Be nice.
So this is a problem I have. I’m not particularly nice sometimes. The problem with that is no one really calls me out on it. I have this sarcastic thing going that is really sort of mean now that I think of it. Also, my friend told me to be nice. He called me out! I do a lot of nice things though, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do more, right? I’m going to say “thank you” more. I’m going to smile more. I’m going to be nice to people more.

Check out Random Acts of Kindness for stories and ideas. Also, there’s a RAK Week in February, but don’t let that stop you from doing things at any time for any one.

So there you go. Let’s revisit this in 2015. Tell me in the comments what your resolutions are.

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