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Favorite Instagrams of Los Angeles & Then Some

As we start the new year, we wanted to try a few columns out. Friday 5 will showcase 5 of something. It can be a mini interview, it can be 5 things we like… it just has to be five. For the first one of 2014, I wanted to share my 5 favorite Los Angeles influenced Instagrams. It might be that the person lives here, or that items are from here, but make no mistake, there’s a bit of L.A. in them.

Roy Choi – Choi, if you don’t know by now, is one of the co-founders of the famed food truck, Kogi BBQ and author of L.A. Son. His latest venture will be POT at The Line Hotel in Koreatown. His instagram covers  not only food, but new things he’s doing, beautiful shots and occasionally himself.

Julie Wolfson – A writer for, what I consider THE coffee blog, Sprudge.com, Wolfson takes some clear and clean photos. Lots of coffee places around Los Angeles and SoCal. Plenty of food shots that make you salivate, too. I love the slightly (or not so slightly) OCD placement of things for her posts.

California Donuts – I actually don’t eat a lot of donuts. Admittedly I started following them for their cronuts, which were some of the most consistently made in the neighborhood. Here’s the thing, they interact a lot with their account. Holding contests, letting people know when donuts are ready and taking some delish shots of sugary goodness.

Sonja Rasula – Founder of Unique USA & the recently opened The Unique Space, Rasula is never short on “uniqueness.” What I love about her is that to me, she makes everything feel like you can find it as well. In a city where this can come off as snobby or hipsterish, she makes it beautiful and real.

James Gunn – Writer/Director Gunn’s instagram is really cool. There’s some great filtered shots (he doesn’t use insta’s filter, but another app). Sometimes an actor here and there. My favorite photos? No idea. I love how much he loves his dog, Von Spears and his faux disdain for his cat, Emily Monster. And there’s that time with the meerkat… ha!

Check them out. Tell me your favorite Instagrams in the comments. KandyKandy doesn’t have one yet, SOON. Until then, keep up with KandyKandy activities below!
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California love.