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REVIEW: 2013 2AM Concert in Christmas – L.A. 12/15/2013

Big Hit Entertainment’s 2AM performed their first full concert in Los Angeles, bringing us “<NOCTURNE> in Christmas” at Club Nokia in L.A. Live. Playing over 20 songs and a little over 2 hours, South Korea’s premier kpop ballad band showed exactly why they are where they are at today.


The show opened with Jinwoon, JoKwon, Changmin & Seulong in dark grey suits on top of the stage. The band did a fanmeet the day before and it even looked like JoKwon got a haircut between events. They all seemed very rested and composed. It was later mentioned that they purposely came to L.A. several days before so they wouldn’t be jetlagged during the concert.

They descended down to the main stage and this is where I thought JoKwon and Changmin sounded so good together that I immediately wanted a side project FULL album from them as a duo. After the first 2 songs, they did a cute talking segment which was a little more hilarious when we all noticed them reading from script. They noticed as well and occasionally went off it to the amusement of the crowd.

While the lighting was borderline horrible, their voices made up for it by another gorgeously sung song while sitting on stools. During this half of the concert, sad and romantic videos played in between songs, telling a story of sad and longing love. It made way for Seulong and Changmin to do their duet and then a few other ballads. Eventually a poppier song came up and people stood up as the band encouraged the audience to sing along. At one point, Changmin cutely sat on a monitor while performing and the other members changed sides.

After these songs, they had a very adorable segment about learning English. Changmin’s english has gotten a little weak, but it didn’t stop him from making a little running joke of the night, “What’s up second floor?!” It was repeated in different ways throughout the concert and the members always laughed.

At almost halfway through the concert, Changmin left the stage to prepare for his solo. His video was him dressed in drag doing a weather segment. When he came out to perform, he had a full dance crew (one dressed as a girl; really, this drag thing…) and did a self composed song. The choreography was really good and there was no shortage of seeing how well built Changmin’s body was. He had shown progress over SNS previously. If you got it, flaunt it.

Jinwoon & JoKwon came up next. JW was dressed in black pants, white T and red blazer. JK in a full white suit. Both had mics with a long handle, but JK’s was sparkly. It was dynamic and for me, an unexpected pairing visually, but expected at the same time. JW has ventured to rock music and JK into serious pop. It worked well and then segued into JW’s solo.

Jinwoon’s solo stage was simple. He took off his blazer and wore a simple tank and rocked out as much as he could while still recovering from his injury several weeks back. Immediately following him was JoKwon’s “Animal” stage. This performance had lots of abs from JK and his dancers. It was pretty awesome to see this live after seeing it several times on Korean broadcasts. JK is as dynamic as you would expect as a solo artist.

The next break was actually a longer one with a behind the scenes video segment narrated by MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. It was intimate and Joon’s voice made it feel really personal.

The band then came back with their suits, but different ties. This was a running joke between myself and fellow bloggers from KPOP Savant.  We kept wondering how many costume changes they were going to do.

This part of the show they did a remix of “With of Without You” and then a melody of “Thriller”/”Moves Like Jagger”/”Growl”. JoKwon delighted the crowd with a little bit of EXO dancing. I think anyone doing fellow artists’ dances are entertaining though. After the melody they had a talk about who sings what in songs. I really enjoyed hearing this and listening to them switch vocals for the next song. I don’t think a lot of people realize how much 4 voices need to complement the song as well as each other.

The rest of the show was a bit more casual. The guys changed into black jersey style shirts and even did some marionette-style choreography while Jinwoon sat out. The dancing was a little hilarious because Seulong is obviously not a dancer, but he tried. Streamers and confetti eventually came down (see the photo op!) and the crowd was loving it. At one point, JoKwon said “calm down!” It was a very cute moment mixed with some more english and laughing.

The show ended with them in black suits and individual thank yous from the band. As expected, it didn’t stop there, because Christmas was right around the corner, they sang “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and closed it all down.

2AM showed the emotional music they are known for and the fun personalities that they have in the <Nocturne> show. Honestly, a wonderful show.

Check out Powerhouse Live’s official photos of the concert. Follow 2AM on twitter – @follow2am.

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