TOP 5: Teri’s Favorite Things of 2013

Winding down our final TOP 5 lists this New Year’s Eve! So many wonderful things happened in 2013 that it was hard to narrow down my favorites! I couldn’t stick with strictly events or tech or entertainment so my choices are a little of everything. Hope you enjoy my favorite things of 2013!

Seoulsonic is a Korean indie concert tour that makes stops across America. This year marked their 3rd year of traveling across North America hitting up festivals such as CAAMFest, SXSW and CMW. I follow several Korean indie acts, but this was my first time seeing it performed live, and it was a beautiful thing! This year’s tour featured No Brain, Goonam, Lowdown 30 with special guests Galaxy Express, 3rd Line Butterfly, The Geeks, Brown Rice Family and even a little rapping from JTONG at select shows. Not only was this the first event I was able to cover for KandyKandy but we got to meet a lot of talented people in the process and make new friendships as well so Seoulsonic definitely holds a special place in my heart. Can’t wait for Seoulsonic 2K14!

Megabus is a bus service that was founded in 2006 that runs in the USA, Canada and Europe. At the beginning of 2013 it relaunched it’s West Coast services where commuters can travel from NorCal to SoCal and Vegas. I took my first trip in May traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles with a lunchtime departure. Megabus boasts you can travel for as low as $1 but that’s only if you book your trip super early. Most times I’ve traveled it’s ranged from $15 to $37, but that’s not too shabby considering I book super last minute ALL the time! I now take the San Jose to LA 6.5 hr trip that usually makes a pit stop in Kettleman City off of I-5 about 3-4 hrs in to the journey. WARNING! The Wi-Fi is nearly non-existent so bring a book and a blanket as it get chilly on the 2nd level especially after the sun sets.

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and voiced by Cecil Baldwin. What makes it unique is that the podcast is set up as if it were a real community radio show of a town called Night Vale. At first the events seems rather bizarre and random but as the series progresses the characters of Night Vale and reoccurring themes become intertwined and reveal more about Night Vale while raising more questions as well. Coincidentally I blazed through a good chunk of the episodes while traveling on Megabus. It makes for a perfect eery backdrop while riding down the desert-esque portions of I-5. So be sure to go check out Welcome to Night Vale, it’s free! Just remember to avoid the Dog Park.

2013 was kind of an AMAZING year for women in the animation industry. Cartoon Network debuted it’s first show, Steven Universe, with a female creator. The show has been well received by fans and critics and it’s all a result of Rebecca Sugar‘s brain child. Bee and PuppyCat created by Natasha Allegri debuted on Cartoon Hangover and had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to fund an additional nine episodes along with some pretty sweet perks for backers. Frozen which was co-directed by Jennifer Lee and is on it’s way to being the highest grossing film from Disney Animation Studios since The Lion King. It’s also been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for Best Song and Best Animated Feature Film. That’s INTENSE and amazing as Jennifer Lee played a huge role in the screenplay and story after The Snow Queen was shelved. As a nod to Anna’s supervising animator, Becky Bresee, for bringing her awkwardly spunky personality to life. On top of all that, some of the Lovely ladies of Disney (Claire Keane, Lorelay Bove, Victoria Ying, Helen Mingjue Chen, Brittney Lee, and Lisa Keene) launched a Kickstarter featuring their artwork in a beautiful collaborative artbook which will be available via Amazon in May!

I’ve expressed my love for VIXX not only from their LA Showcase in November but Voodoo Doll was one of my TOP 5 favorite music videos of the year. VIXX debuted in 2012 but 2013 was their year to experiment with different and sometimes unusual concepts. For every On & On or Hyde they cut the edge with a softer feeling of G.R.8.U. or Only U. Not only did they churn out hit after hit with captivating choreography, but they continued to release their weekly VIXX TV episodes for their fans. They also held their first global showcase hitting up stops in Asia, Europe and North America. Their hard work paid off when they won their 1st music show award on December 6th’s airing of Music Bank for Voodoo Doll. 2014 is starting off strong with their Milky Way Encore Showcase in Berlin this February. Can’t wait to see more from VIXX next year.


I’m officially addicted to Kickstarter and spent a good chunk of my extra spending cash funding a wide variety of (mostly) art based projects including: Black Torch Comic AnthologyAva’s DemonArt Story Masters of AnatomyBrick by Brick plus the two projects I mentioned earlier.


I was exposed to the Roku when I first started spending time with Cheryl in 2012. I finally bit the bullet this year when I moved home to San Jose, and purchased a Roku 2 XD to watch all my Netflix, Crunchyroll and Dramafever shows. No regrets.

What were your favorite things in 2013? Could be a show, maybe a new food you tried or a different hobby you picked up! Let us know in the comments. Here’s to 2014!

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