TOP 5: Cheryl’s Favorite Things of 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are my favorite things of 2013. While I’m extremely happy that this year is over, I do have some things that I really really like and love.


Uber Car Service
I discovered this pretty late, but I still discovered it. I tend to walk to a lot of places, so I don’t necessarily need a service, but I had a promo code and an event to go to that I didn’t want to drive to. The delight in Uber is the use of the app and selection of vehicles. Yes, surge pricing is there at peak hours, but I find that a DUI costs a lot more. Still, the average pricing is pretty good, if not better than a regular taxi. As of 12/31/13, if you click on the Uber link I provided and you’re a new user, you get $20 credit!

Coffee & Latte Art

Coffee & Latte Art
Wow, did I discover coffee this year! One of my closest friends is a barista and this year we inspired each other to discover the Los Angeles coffee community. We went to Barista Nation Los Angeles, L.A. TNT latte art events and checked out more cafes than I ever thought I would visit. He’s obviously more into it than I am, but without him, I don’t think I would respect the art of coffee as much.  I look forward to learning and tasting more. Shout out to Antone of L.A. Coffee Club and the guys at Andante Coffee Roasters. Photo by me.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
My love affair continues with this city. When I moved here in several years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I grew up in suburban cities in the Bay Area (East and South Bay represent!) and hung out all over the Bay. I loved growing up there. Now that I’ve lived in Los Angeles (mostly Hollywood & Koreatown) for quite a while, 2013 was the year that solidified what I already knew: this is my home. Almost all my sports teams will be from the Bay, but my heart is here. I do have a love/hate thing for some areas, but the love is way bigger than the hate. I feel comfortable here. I have my regular spots and I embraced just how lucky I am to live in this city.  Poster image by Ork Posters!

A few years ago I bought a Nikon D3100. I was planning a cross country trip and wanted to document it. It was a hasty purchase, I didn’t know much about photography and my travel pics were meh. The camera didn’t do much for almost a year after. Then as Teri and I got serious about making this blog, I got serious about using my camera. I bought a few lenses. Got some tips and tricks from Cecee of KPOP Savant. I started taking pictures of everything. The older photos are not that great, but I do see myself getting better. I want to invest in a few more lenses and just work off that. This is something fun for me. Something my eye sort of “gets” and I enjoy that a lot. Photo by me.

Humans of New York

I don’t remember exactly when I started following HoNY on Facebook. It was definitely in the early days of it though. There wasn’t even 50K of likes at that time (currently at 2.1 million). What I do know, like most who do follow it, was that Brandon Stanton knew how to not only how capture New York, but people. Animals, even. When he mentioned this book, I pre-ordered it. It’s in my living room. I have only seen a few photos because I want to constantly discover this book on my own. I feel like it will be with me for a long time. And that’s something I don’t think about a lot when it comes to books.

There you go. No mentions on this post! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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