TOP 5: Cheryl’s Favorite Music Videos of 2013

Music videos have definitely improved over the years. No longer are we dependent on MTV to show them, we have Youtube! Here are my Top 5 Favorite Music Videos, with a few mentions as well.

“Smoky Girl” – MBLAQ
Very typical of a boy band’s video: sharp suits, solo camera shots and clean lines, but the background lights give this video a lot of movement. The lighted wall moves with in sync with another full white set that goes fabulously with their choreography that eventually segues to a splash of color. It’s sexy and fun.

“Growl” – EXO (Korean Version)
There are several MVs for this song, but I’ll stick to the 1st Korean version which is similar to the Chinese one. This features what looks like a single camera shot for the whole video. No easy feat, and it shows the dancing betweens the 12 members in pretty fluid pans. The members have one point of reference and they play to it well.

“Hard Out Here” – LILY ALLEN
Lily’s is no stranger to cheeky lyrics and outspoken videos for them. This video is no exception. Filled with visuals usually reserved for male artists, Lily received flack for doing exactly what they did and it started a much needed conversation which some of the women in the video participated in. That doesn’t happen often, if at all.

“I Need Your Love” – CALVIN HARRIS featuring ELLIE GOULDING
Cashing in on the self camera movement, this video is a video within a video (did I say video enough?). Calvin & Ellie turn their musical chemistry into a romantic one and “lose” their camera. We then travel with it seeing people through the lens and then back to them. It’s like a GoPro commercial!

“Dream Girl” – SHINee
Flashes of dancing between fast edited cuts of the band members, there’s really not much to this video. It is very enjoyable though. Lots of color and trick shots with choreography that’s pretty stellar as well. SHINee is the premier kpop band when it comes to both dancing and songs. They are so consistent with their content, that it is really hard not to like it if you are a basic fan of kpop. Also, Taemin’s pants are pencil print. Like, that’s kind of awesome.

Honorable mentions:

“Hate or Glory” – GESAFFELSTEIN
Violent and intense. Directed by Fleur and Manu.

“Gorilla” – BRUNO MARS
Sexy and dramatic. Featuring Freida Pinto.

BEYONCÉ – Just download her visual album now on iTunes

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