SHOP: Our Favorite Unique Holiday Gifts for 2013

We love unique holiday gifts and there’s a ton of them you can get right now to beat that last minute rush.

Diana Lens for DSLR

Diana Lens for DSLRs [Photojojo$60.00]  You love the famed look of the Diana cameras, but don’t want to buy one with it’s processing and unpredictability. Photojojo has this lens that is not only a good price, but has the Diana qualities that people love in a digital format that gives instant gratification. – Cheryl

Phoneography Starter Kit [Photojojo$30.00]  For all you Instagram fanatics or just tend to use your phone when you don’t have room for a fancy camera in your bag. This kit includes the essentials to taking better phone photos which includes 2-in-1 Wide-Angle & Macro lens, Phone-O-Chrome Filter, Phoneography 101 scholarship, a custom carrying pouch and a $10 Gift Card sent when the recipient completes Phoneography 101. Kit works for iPhone and Android models. – Teri

L.A. Coffee Club

Coffee of the Month Club [L.A. Coffee Club – $25.00/month & up]  Los Angeles has had a burgeoning coffee community and L.A. Coffee Club has paired up with local roasters to give people a taste of this scene. Featuring past beans from Intelligentsia, Andante and more, this is the perfect gift for someone who not only loves coffee, but loves to seek out new varieties. – Cheryl

Netflix Streaming [Netflix$7.99/month & up]  With Netflix’s multiple profile options you and a friend or family member can watch their own shows independently. New TV shows and movies are added to streaming constantly so it’s a great way to catch up on current and old shows. First month is always free on Netflix so no fear if you don’t like their selection. – Teri

DKNY Fingerless Gloves

DKNY Ribbed Cuff Fingerless Gloves [DKNY$70.00]  These might not look too appealing and at first glance, I had my reservations. I tried these on and fell in love. Too bad the weather the day I saw them was in the 90s or else I’d own these myself. The leather is supple and the knit is soft. The fit is pretty universal and gives enough warmth while being damn stylish. – Cheryl

Layer Cake Clutch Purse [YummyYou! – $29.95]  YummyYou! is a clothing line by Twinkie Chan best known for your adorable food themed crocheted items ranging from bacon and eggs scarves to chocolate chip cookie gloves. This particular item is a crocheted cake clutch complete with a cute sprinkled bow. – Teri

Ostrich Pillow

Ostrich Pillow [Crowd Outlet – $99.00]   This invention is to help people power nap. Let’s face it, it is funky looking, but when you’re trying to take a quick snooze on the train, do you really care about how you look? Comfy and easy to use, the Ostrich Pillow changes the way you nap. With a breathing hole and a place to fit your hands, this is basically a snuggie for your head. – Cheryl

The Roost [The Roost$80.00] With as much time that everyone spend on their computers and laptops it’s nice to see a product that can help improve your health. Granted if you order now The Roost won’t be delivered until January 2014 but it’d be a great investment for your posture! – Teri

diptyque Candles

diptyque Candles (set of 10) [Nordstrom$130.00]  Set the mood with this amazing assortment of candles by diptyque. Each candle has a burn time of 12 hours which is deceptively long for the small size. Perfect for stocking stuffers or just to try out the scents to see what you like before buying a larger size. – Cheryl

Snow Fairy [LUSH$6.40 & up] Snow Fairy is a limited edition product from LUSH that is only available during the holiday season. The signature scent is bubblegum and candy floss so it’s very sweet smelling but very light at the same time. Snow Fairy is available in multiple gift sets in the form of a soap bar, shower gel, perfume, bubble bar and bath bomb. – Teri


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