TOP 5: Teri’s Favorite Shows of 2013

My TOP 5 list may seem a little scattered since I like a lot of things. I love series with suspense, and despite my aversion to gore, I can’t resist dark and somewhat scary/creepy story lines. I’m also an artist who LOVES cartoons and animation so gotta throw a bit of whimsy and magic in there as well. Here’s what I’ve been excited to watch for 2013!

THE WALKING DEAD [AMC] – I tend to catch on to series a season or two after they started airing. Such is the case for The Walking Dead, although I did manage to catch up in time for the season 2 finale! So I’ve been watching for a while however this year I’m more amped! One: I’m one of the few that thought season 3 was boring. Two: I got my mom hooked on the show despite her extreme hate for blood and gore. Three: I started watching Talking Dead after each episode. I love my supplemental media bits. And Four: Everything got turned upside down when the people became more dangerous than the zombies/walkers. Also mid-season finale? I’ve never yelled at the TV so much and so much gasping every few minutes from all the twists they kept throwing at us. I’m invested… even though a lot of my favorites keep getting killed off.

ONCE UPON A TIME [ABC] – I watched the first few episodes of Once Upon A Time when it originally aired in 2011 but fell off the boat until the beginning of 2013 and ended up marathoning the whole thing in three days. However Season 2 was testing me as I was bored of Snow White/Charming being in peril. Thankfully it picked up and started off strong for Season 3. I LOVE Disney and fairy tales and Peter Pan has always been a favorite. Imagine my delight in seeing the characters head to Neverland where Peter Pan is the villain! The way the show intertwines all the characters and stories continues to hold my attention no matter how cheesy it gets. Once Upon A Time is one of the few shows I watch with my sister and we gush about together. Yay, sister bonding! Also Hook. Hook is delicious.
OuaT01 OuaT02

ATTACK ON TITAN [MBS] – During middle school and high school, I avidly watched anime even going as far as purchasing fansubs online that were then DELIVERED on VHS (I just dated myself I’m sure). However I haven’t really watched anime on a regular basis since 2008 give or take a Ghibli film or short. Attack on Titan ripped me out of my anime hiatus around July when I caved to peer pressure. I am so happy I did, this series had me on the edge of my seat almost every episode. The cast of characters are insanely diverse and keep me intrigued. Although I have feelings akin to The Walking Dead in that I don’t want to get too attached to characters cause I fear they will kill them off at any moment (which they did, good lawd)! I want to read ahead in the manga.. but I love not knowing what’s gonna happen every episode, but now I must wait for season 2. TORTURE!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY [FX] – I’d always seen the billboard ads for American Horror Story from back in 2011 even until now but I finally took the leap and marathon’d both seasons in time to catch American Horror Story: Coven. I had a love/hate relationship for the first season, it was very jarring and fucked up on so many levels. By the end of season 2 (which was just as fucked up if not more than season 1, I was dying for more. This series makes me feel weird to admit that I now LOVE the franchise considering it’s mostly about death, betrayal, murder, and a whole lot of sass courtesy of Jessica Lange‘s notoriously cocky characters. What I love about the series is that each season is a self contained story arc but like Korean Dramas. Once that season is done, it’s DONE except with American Horror Story they rehire most of the cast and they portray brand new roles. Coven is my favorite so far and I love the cast is VERY female heavy! Also someone needs to give Jessica Lange and Evan Peters all the awards.

STEVEN UNIVERSE [Cartoon Network] – This show is by far my favorite thing to come on TV this year. Not only is this the colorful brain child of Rebecca Sugar but she is the first female creator to have her own show on Cartoon Network! The characters are unique and likable (though I have my not so fond moments over Pearl’s worrywart personality), I can’t help but love Steven‘s tenacity and determination to help the Crystal Gems save the world. The character/background design is beautiful and rightfully being recognized as Steven Universe is nominated for Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production and Production Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production for the Annie Awards! Definitely check it out if you like catchy tunes, clever writing and all around gorgeous show!

NEW GIRL [FOX] – I’m that girl that can totally relate to Jesse‘s weird awkward mannerisms. I too break out in to song a inappropriate times! Not to mention I’m a sucker for RomComs and friendship sitcoms so… This New Girl had me at Zooey Deschanel‘s horribly embarrassing naked break up song. “Who’s that giiiirrl? It’s Jesse!
NG01 NG02

MICKEY MOUSE SHORTS [Disney] – I know this isn’t technically a full blown show but I’m a HUGE Disney and I grew up watching reruns of the old 3-5 min Disney shorts. So I’m ecstatic they revived that tradition with a modern twist and appealing redesign! I actually prefer old school Mickey from the 1930’s so this throwback in not only looks but personality as well was icing on the cake.

You can watch most of the recent episodes for these series on their main TV broadcast page for FREE (I like free!), but for earlier seasons/episodes, you may consider signing up for Netflix or Hulu (which I’m very happy customer of)! What were your favorite shows you started watching or just really enjoyed in 2013?

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