TOP 5: Cheryl’s Favorite Shows of 2013

I am a huge Korean drama fan, so my Top 5 list is filled with these shows. If you like reading subtitles, you might want to check a few of these out. Some border on ridiculous, but they are nothing short of entertaining. The few non-Korean shows are on series recordings on my DVR. That’s a big commitment, OK?


SCANDAL [ABC] – This show is drama candy. It’s so outrageous, but so good. I’m convinced that the writers of this show have a blast with each other and plenty of spa days and comfort food when storylines ideas go out of control. Best of all, the wardrobe. And the coats. My goodness, Kerry Washington walking into a room with another perfect coat is just amazing. Falling for her crazy chemistry with Tony Goldwyn sort of makes the fact that her character is the mistress of the PotUS not so bad… I think.


HEIRS [SBS] – A show about some kids in a fancy high school, much like Gossip Girl, but with all the added Korean drama tropes that go with the basic storyline of sad rich boy and sad poor girl falling in love. Lee Min Ho was my first kdrama crush and he maintains that title with this role of an illegitimate son struggling to find his place within a family and love. So most of the kids don’t exactly look like they are in high school, but who cares! We get to see Kim Woo Bin and some choice bromance moments.

The Mindy Project

THE MINDY PROJECT [FOX] – Who knew a OB/GYN practice can have some comedic moments? I have to admit it took some time to get into this show, but once I did, Mindy Kaling had me. So did her cast. Like, who chose them because I love them! And venturing out of the office and featuring other tenants? Great idea. And the lingering romance-crush that Dr. Castellano (played excellently by Chris Messina) has on Mindy’s Dr. Lahiri is nothing short of some adorably weird one-sided (maybe not?) tension.

The Master's Sun

THE MASTER’S SUN [SBS] – Another sad rich guy, but this time with a “Ghost Whisperer” type highly spirited (no pun intended) woman. The famed Hong Sisters (known for “You’re Beautiful” & “My Girl” and more in the kdrama romcom genre) took on a little bit of the supernatural with a main storyline of a chairman who can stop the ghosts from haunting his secretary just by touching her. Then they both fall in love and don’t know what to do. Favorite part of this drama, each episode had a single storyline involving a ghost and evolving with the main story.

Flower Boy Next door

FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR [tvN] – How can I explain this? It’s another Korean drama. It’s the 3rd in a series of “flower boy” type shows, all of which have an incredible amount of charm. This one had it in spades with Yoon Shi Yoon playing a popular gamer trying to woo the hermit like editor, portrayed by busy actress, Park Shin Hye. There’s a rag tag group of flowers boys to round out the cast and the prerequisite love triangle as well. The thing about this show was that it was sweet and the friendships seem to delve a teeny bit deeper with a sense of community.

Honorable mentions:

I had to add these two korean dramas. They are more on the melodramatic end, but they were beautifully done and surprising to watch.
THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS [SBS] – An unlikely love story between a blind woman and a gambler who is running out of options in his life.
HEARTLESS CITY [jtbc] – If you liked “Infernal Affairs” or “The Departed,” then this will be right up your alley. Haunting music and devastating scenes, this was one drama I didn’t want to end.

If you would like to catch these shows online, the title links go to Hulu or Dramafever. Both are free, but have premium paid services which we both enjoy.

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