Shanghai Calling San Francisco Premiere Event

Back in February this year, a month or so shy of Cheryl and I officially launching KandyKandy, I was fortunate enough to win tickets to the San Francisco premiere screening of Shanghai Calling. The event was hosted by ChinaSF and held at The Premier Theatre at the Letterman Digital Arts Center.

So Shanghai Calling and I have a brief history together in that the moment the trailer was revealed in early 2012 I was determined to see a screening of it in theaters. I make frequent trips to LA so I figured I’d be around whenever a screening would happen. Unfortunately most of the screenings were during the week and I was working in San Francisco so that was not an option. Then in October 2012 there was a screening in NorCal, but I was in SoCal that weekend! I couldn’t catch a break it seemed!

Fast forward to February 2013 and Sean Gallagher contacted me making sure I could attend the screening. It also was announced that Director Daniel Hsia and Producer Janet Yang along with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee would be in attendance so I was thrilled! The icing on the cake was when I later heard Daniel Henney would be attending the event as well. You’ll have to forgive my semi-fangirl-ish tendencies as  I’ve been a fan since 2005 when I saw Henney’s role in My Name is Kim Samsoon. It would’ve been perfect if Eliza Coupe had made an appearance as well; sadly she was not slated to come.


Shanghai Calling event display

My friend and I arrived just in time to be seated near the front before Consul General Gao Zhansheng gave his opening speech.

“It is fitting that San Francisco hosts the U.S. premiere of Shanghai Calling … San Francisco’s rich and diverse relationship with her sister city Shanghai for over 30 years has set a good example of how two culturally different nations and peoples can accommodate and communicate peacefully, harmoniously and productively with each other. The beautiful movie we are going to see is about how strangers from different cultures get to know each other, communicate with each other and even fall in love with each other. I am sure this movie will help strengthen the mutual understanding between the Chinese and American people.” – Consul General Gao Zhansheng

He closed his speech with a suggestion for a sequel to Shanghai Calling titled San Francisco Answering. The movie started and it was surreal to be able to watch a film with some of the cast and crew seated in front of us. It was great being with such a diverse crowd of people to enjoy the screening with. After the movie a short Q&A was followed by an after party complete with hors d’oeuvres, autograph signings, poster raffles, and free drinks!

I had the chance to chat with Janet Yang and thank her for producing such a wonderful film. Somewhere in my ramblings I let it slip that I’m a fan of Daniel Henney. Her eyes immediately brightened up.

“Oh! You’re a fan of Daniel? Have you met him yet? Here let me introduce you!”

Before I could even process what was going on, I was pulled to the table where Daniel Hsia and Daniel Henney were signing giant Shanghai Calling posters. It doesn’t get much more awkward than the producer of a movie introducing you to the lead saying “Daniel, this is Teri! She won the Facebook contest. She’s a big fan of yours!” Excuse me while I turn bright pink and not from the champagne. I proceeded to properly introduce myself to both Daniels and then revealed my epic journey of previous failed attempts to watch any Shanghai Calling screening in 2012.

After I finished expressing my love for the motion graphics (done by Nate Whitson) in the film and picking each other’s brains about the movie, Janet Yang pushed for my friend and I to take photos with everyone. I couldn’t hold back my laugh when she nudged Daniel Hsia and said “Daniel move over so she can sit next to Daniel!” Before we parted ways my friend and I received a couple of signed posters.


Janet Yang, Daniel Hsia, Teri (KandyKandy), Daniel Henney

Overall the experience was magical and surreal and inspiring! I’d like to thank the Shanghai Calling crew for allowing us to attend the screening and indulging my fangirl wishes. Everyone was extremely friendly, humble, and grateful to the support they received at the San Francisco event.

Maybe our paths will cross in the future in the meantime make sure you catch Shanghai Calling on Starz December 6th at 9PM EST/PST! Both Daniel Hsia and Daniel Henney will be live tweeting during the 9PM EST broadcast and answering fans burning questions on the film! They’ll be tweeting under the Twitter handles @shanghailicious and @danielhenney.

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