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REVIEW: VIXX First Global Showcase: “The Milky Way”

Building up steam for their 1st full album with seemingly monthly comebacks, 2013 has been a busy year for VIXX. Before their big release, it was announced they would take off on their VIXX First Global Showcase – “The Milky Way.” Hitting up Thailand, Malaysia, Osaka, Stockholm, Milan before making their way to two stops in America – Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA, before heading to Seoul for their final show.

After attending the Press Conference at Club Nokia, we were led to the press area to document and enjoy the showcase. Starlights filled the venue quickly once doors were opened. It was especially nice to see some more male fans for a boy group, everyone was extremely excited for the show to begin!


VIXX opened with their first dark themed single of 2013 “On & On” followed by “Light Up The Darkness” from their Hyde album. During their break VIXX introduced themselves and entertained all the LA Starlights along with a surprise for one lucky fan that was revealed during the solo stages.

The solo stages were a real treat and a great way to showcase each members specific talents and personalities. Leo‘s performed a cover of Trey Songz‘s “Can’t Be Friends” accompanied by piano. Ravi got the crowd riled up with his rapping skills before Hyuk and Hongbin battled it out performing romantic gestures to win the heart of a Starlight set to “Summer Lovin'” from Grease. She was smart chose both! Ken woo’d the audience with cover of Chris Brown‘s “Turn Up The Music” leading into N‘s enticing blindfold choreography number.

After a quick costume change VIXX returned to the stage to pick questions written on Post-It notes by fans earlier in the evening. This was a great segment allowing Starlights and VIXX to interact and have unique experiences from their other showcases. ROVIX even got in on the action requesting Leo to participate in some sexy fan service; N coaching him via Sunmi‘s “24 Hrs” choreography. Before jumping back in to their next song “Super Hero,” VIXX took a moment to teach everyone choreography they could use later on for “Rock Ur Body.”

It was touching to see all the fans raise up their banners that’d be organized by WithVIXX during “Starlight.” The energy quickly picked up with the familiar chip tune intro to “Rock Ur Body” kicked in! Fans shouted for an encore for what seemed like ages. VIXX returned to the stage in handsome white and blue themed “G.R.8.U.” clothing singing an acoustic version of their single “Hyde.”

Before their final song N surprised Leo with a birthday video message from his parents congratulating him from Seoul with Starlights singing “Happy Birthday” to him. The boys closed out their first showcase in LA on an upbeat note with their summer single “G.R.8.U.” and fans cheering long after they left the stage.

Let me just say this was my first time attending a showcase vs a concert so I was excited to experience the differences. I was delighted to see their first stage outfits were hole riddled suits that were used during “On & On” promotions. I’m a sucker for the suit look. SHIN-B did a great job translating and even adding appropriate enunciations to convey when the members were being playful during their fan meet-esque portions of the showcase. My favorite aspect was definitely being able to celebrate Leo‘s birthday and seeing his heartfelt reaction to the surprise video and singing from all the Starlights. It was also great to see all the extra fan interaction opportunities available to fans including a high-touch and photo opportunities post concert. We hope to see more similar opportunities so artists and fans can connect at Kpop events in the future!

We’d also like to thank K-Pop United and Jellyfish Entertainment for putting on such a great show for all the LA Starlights despite some last minute hiccups. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and LA Starlights were equally passionate about seeing VIXX in California again.

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