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REVIEW: Infinite 1st World Tour “One Great Step” in Los Angeles

South Korean KPOP band INFINITE, made their first stop on the “One Great Step” North American leg this November 8th at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Having arrived a little bit earlier, INFINITE filmed a few segments with MNET America and then quickly did some sight seeing. Their busy schedule didn’t give them much time to do much else aside from the concert which attracted fans from all over Southern California. It’s not very often a KPOP group does more than one stop, much less 4 in the USA! Fans were in for an incredible show.

The concert started with a vignette which was one of many produced by the Zany Bros for the concert. It featured all the members being a part of a future civilization with a totalitarian state. No music. No INFINITE. Once they “won,” the show started.


I don’t want to go through their whole set, but here’s a link for reference.

Backed up by a full band, INFINITE put on one of the best performances I have seen by a kpop group in the last few years.

The band was a great change of pace. I know that to bringing a full band is quite a feat, but it certainly was worth it. They really brought the songs to life. It wasn’t something I expected production to do and I was pleasantly surprised.

The solo and joint stages including INFINITE H were well done. If I had one thing to be critical of, it was in some parts, songs and pre-taped videos were put together weirdly. One part was a very suggestive and cheeky MV playing and it segued into a very perky and happy song. It was confusing, but no matter, still well done.

My favorite performance, besides seeing the “Scorpion Dance” from “Before the Dawn” was “The Chaser.” One of the few Korean songs that I know all the lyrics and occasionally a dance here and there. It was engrossing and so much fun to see the audience really get into it for this song.

INFINITE are just so incredible as dancers. The fact that they were not reliant on heavy tracking with their songs while dancing was simply amazing. These young men are in top form and continue to impress even long time fans.

DO NOT hesitate to see these young men in concert. People who were just average fans and even people who were not fans, but had a chance to see the show, walked (danced?) away in awe. If you’re a dancer and not even into KPOP, watching their choreography live is stunning.

INFINITE concludes their “One Great Step” world tour in December.

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California love.