KCON 2013: A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Artist Panel ft Bekah

One of the more crowded panels on the first day of KCON was A Day In The Life Of A Kpop Artist featuring Bekah former rapper of After School fame and Aeyoung as moderator.


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a K-Pop star? Former member of After School Bekah breaks it all down for you, disclosing the perks of being a superstar, the hurdles she had to overcome, and what her day to day was like living the dream life!

The panel kicked off with a brief introduction, and a mini rap performance, they jumped right in to questions from fans which included an array of “Who’s your favorite K-pop rookies?” to “Who’s your favorite female rapper?” (It was Crayon Pop and CL for those questions by the way!) Fans seems to be more interested in finding the answers when it comes to potential romantic interests. Some of the more popular questions asked were male K-pop oriented.

Q: Who’s your favorite boy band?
A: SHINee & UKISS because she’s friends with Key and Kevin.

Q: Who’s your celebrity crush?
A: TOP (Big Bang)

Q: Is there anyone who left you completely starstruck?
A: Taeyang. When she first met him she saw him and ran out of the room.

Q: Which Kpop idol would you want to date?
A: Kevin (UKISS) or Wooyoung (2PM) because they’re sweet boys.

What I really look for is a boy with a good heart. Bad boys get old and lead to too much heart break

KCON2013_DayInTheLifeOfAKpopArtistPanel-2Sillier questions were thrown around like requests for Aegyo that she giggled off and strongly declined, but was immediately followed by a twerking inquiry. Yes, you read that right. To which Bekah laughed hysterically along with the fans and jokingly replied “Can I twerk? I loooove twerking! … well only when I’m by myself and nobody’s looking.”

Bekah also divulged in an embarrassing incident of slipping and falling during a performance where the stage was made of slick glass, but luckily she was wearing leggings and recovered quickly. She also professed her immense love for eating meat and dukbokki.

The panel was very light hearted and she answered almost every fan’s question. I personally wished the panel had been more focused on her experiences in the industry and advice for those interested in pursuing a music career vs the standard 20 variations of “What’s your favorite [insert noun]?” question. Maybe next year! I will say it was really nice to see all the fans excited to see and hear Bekah especially during the autograph session that followed the panel.

bekahBekah closed out the panel with some words of encouragement that her mom always toward her to comfort her.

No matter how much goes wrong, there’s a reason why it’s always raining.

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