KCON 2013: Day Two – quick recap

Cheryl’s take…

The decidedly gorgeous weekend is actually just hot at this point. Teri and I actually crashed hard and slept an entire 8 hours. How does that happen? Even my dog didn’t wake us up. (She actually ditched my room to sleep with Teri. I’m disowning her.) And I even drank soda. I DON’T DRINK SODA (unless there’s alcohol in it).

I wanted to be comfy and prepared for running around as day 2 had a few panels and more artists events.

With all the craziness going on with Amoeba Culture, I was silently dying and Dynamic Duo at KCON. I’ve seen them twice before and honestly, you HAVE to see a full show from them. Easily one of my favorite shows in years. Expectedly, they did not take any questions from the press. Though I personally think only a few outlets were really interested in what was happening within their circles. Already I have said too much… let’s make the rest of this shit quick.

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo @ KCON 2013 Press Con

Things to note:

  • HENRY MANIA. I knew the lines would be long, but WOW, the lines were LOOOOONNNNGGG for his panel (he was worth it)
  • Bobby Lee was worth it as well
  • I fangirled over Will Yun Lee while doing press… and he saw me *dies* he smiled, too *thud*
  • I wore running shoes. This was the second best decision of my life this weekend
  • Earplugs was the best decision and giving them to friends made me a goddess for like .25 seconds in their eyes

Teri’s take…

Day 1 ended on an extremely exhausting note as Cheryl mentioned above. Day 2 proved to be just as exhausting at Day 1 if not more so! I also made the huge mistake of being semi-fashionable with my mint blazer versus comfortable in a short sleeve shirt like on the previous day cause it was ridiculously hot out!

Anywho, for Day 2, I was on fan engagement coverage so I was running back and forth between panels and (rescheduled) fan meets AND the press tent to recharge the entire afternoon. By the time the concert was being let in, I’d barely caught my breath.

Basically it was HOT but also these things happened.

  • EXO fan engagement session was nuts. EXO fans were intense!
  • Can we talk about how photogenic Tao is? Cause it’s kind of ridiculous
  • I fully support Bobby Lee and Henry Lau bromance, ok?
  • Teen Top were the only group to provide their awaiting fans with gratuitous aegyo~
  • Some of the kids in the pit area need to learn how to hit “marshmallows” aka giant white beach balls!

Tao during EXO Fan Engagement Session @ KCON 2013

KCON 2013 Recap by MNET


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