KCON 2013 Day One – quick recap

Cheryl’s take…

The weather in Los Angeles is insanely beautiful (and a little hot) for the second annual KCON All Things Hallyu 2 day convention in Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

We arrived around noon to see tons of fans all over the place. And tons of food trucks. Seriously, the food trucks are in effect. It was like Miracle Mile in L.A. vomited all over the place. I understand this might be a reference only a few people know. Those who do, know that this is beautiful and scary.

SM Town had a merch booth with and insane line. Look!

Quick first impressions –

  • lines errrywhere!
  • colors, colors… and black and white fashion
  • there might be too much to do; but if you planned well, you won’t be bored
  • SHADE; and I’m not only talking about the crazy shit going on with Korean hip hop

Teri’s take…

Day 1 of KCON was a blast! Luckily it started to cool off by the end of the day so fans got a break form the heat.

While Cheryl scoped out the convention I sat in on the Asian Americans in Hip-Hop panel featuring Dumbfoundead, Shin-B and Arthur Baek. We later scoped out the various booths and workshops where fans were working up a sweat via the Dance All Day lead by Aimee Lee Lucas and her MVP team.


  • Catching Yu Seung Woo’s surprise performance on the side stage mid-afternoon.
  • Bekah likes to twerk when no one’s watching!
  • GDragon being his weird amazing self during his fan engagement session
  • PK Kim MCing Dynamic Duo’s fan engagement when the signing portion ran a lil long.

KCON, G-Dragon

All and all we had SO much fun seeing everyone enjoying the convention. We can’t wait to get started on Day 2. Stay tuned for photos, videos and posts on our coverage of KCON 2013!


California love.