EVENT: Los Angeles TNT @ Coffee Commissary in Siren Studios Sunset

LA TNT @ Coffee Commissary

July’s TNT Poster

On July 11th but Teri and I attended our first Los Angeles TNT at Coffee Commissary.

Wait, what the hell is that? Well, TNT stands for Thursday Night Throwdown, a monthly latte art competition. Latte art has always been a fun thing for me to instagram, tweet and even post on tumblr. I never knew what these designs were until I became friends with a few baristas at my local coffee shop.

So in some research on latte art and coffee shops, I came across this event. A friend of mine signed up and since I’m a sucker for community events, we gathered up and went.

First off, Coffee Commissary is beautiful. The space in Siren Studios is lovely. Second, there was a pre-event talk called “Woah-Man vs Machine” with Brant Curtis and Alex LittleJohn. Two very fun and engaging coffee experts. Teri and I don’t know a lot about coffee, but after that talk, we came away with a little knowledge.

Now the throwdown itself was pretty cool. Antone Hall of LA Coffee Club was the emcee and was hilarious. The organizers registered over 30 baristas from all over L.A. and the OC and just like that, it began.

LA TNT Iota Aug

August’s TNT Poster

So here’s the gist, espresso is prepped for the baristas who go one on one. They steam their own milk, do their designs and get judged. It goes about 4 or 5 rounds until there is a winner. Lattes are being put all over social media, there’s OHHHHHs and AHHHHHHs and EFFFFYYYOUUUUs all around for the designs. It’s fun

and intense with this weird sense of community which I think is pretty tight, but growing rapidly in Los Angeles.

Ryan Uhl of Kean Coffee won first place. I’d tell you who won second or third, but I have no idea. (TBH I only remember Ryan because he went head to head with my friend, Ryan.)

Check out pics on our Facebook.

Next TNT is at IOTA Brew Cafe in L.A.’s Koreatown. We repped Ktown huge in July, so come out and make it even bigger in August!


California love.