KANDY Q&A: Galaxy Express Wild Live Tour 2013

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Korean rock band Galaxy Express is winding down their 3rd US tour this week. After a visit to the Grand Canyon they’ll be making their way to California for their final four stops including a show with the band returning to San Francisco Bay Area at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland April 5th! Galaxy Express took some time out of their hectic schedule to answer a few questions for KandyKandy~

What inspires you the most when creating new music? Once you have that inspiration what is your process?

Jonghyun: We’re inspired by everything we see and do.  We started working on our latest album right after our 2012 USA tour.  The positive energy we were feeling from that tour inspired some of the music on our album.

Juhyun:  We don’t have a set process for making music. Sometimes one member brings in an idea and we all work on it together in our practice room.  Other times we just spend a few hours jamming together and see what comes from that.

Who would you like to collaborate with; dead or alive?

Jonghyun: Jim Morrison

Juhyun: Kurt Cobain

Heekwon: Lady Gaga

Some musicians name their instruments, do you guys name any of yours?

Jonghyun: No, we stick with their given names – guitar, bass, and drums.

How often do you perform in Korea? Will touring in North America be an annual thing?

Juhyun: We do about 100 shows each year in Korea.  We’ve toured in North America each spring for the last three years.  In 2011, we played shows in the Unites States and Canada with two other Korean bands.  In 2012, we played shows in Texas and Arkansas on our own.  And this year we’re playing 26 gigs in 13 states.  We hope we can keep coming back to North America each year and that our tours will continue to get bigger and bigger!

What do you miss about Korea while touring overseas?

Heekwon: My wife.

Jonghyun: I don’t think Juhyun or I have as good of an answer as Heekwon does!

How do you feel about Turn It Up To 11 Part 2: Wild Days being screened at  CAAMFest? How do you feel about the first film compared to Part 2?

Jonghyun:  We’re honored that the film was screened as part of this year’s CAAMFest.  The film is more personal to us the first film.  The first film was about Galaxy Express and the Korean band Tobacco Juice. But Part 2 is just about us.

Juhyun: Part 2 follows us on our 2012 USA tour.  It’s kind of like a photo album for us of all the things we saw and did on that tour.  There are a lot of great memories for Galaxy Express on that film.

What’s your favorite candy?

Heekwon: I don’t really like candy.

Juhyun: I like all kinds of candy.  Anything with lots of sugar in it is good!

Jonghyun: Jack Daniels!

Be sure to catch Galaxy Express at one of their final tour shows in California!

April 3 San Diego, CA @ The Void
April 4 Fresno, CA @ Audie’s Olympic [9PM – $5]
April 5 Oakland, CA @ Eli’s Mile High Club [7PM – $7]
April 6 Los Angeles, CA @ Dim Mak Studios [6PM – $10 Presale!/$20 at door]

April 5 Galaxy Express at Eli's Mile High Club