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EVENT: Lee Min Ho & Toyota’s “The One and Only” Event

On Sunday March 10th, 2013, Korean actor Lee Min Ho, along with Toyota, was in Los Angeles to thank fans at the Legendary Park Plaza hotel. They were all winners of Operation NIF for the Toyota – The One & Only campaign. The sites complimented the web series starring Lee and the Toyota Camry.

ParkPlaza_Toyota 2

Winners inside of the Park Plaza Hotel

The foyer of the Park Plaza directed you to complete missions to test drive a Camry and a possible chance for a one on one meeting with Lee. As an added nice touch, treats and refreshments were also given making the vibe casual and fun for all these fans who came to L.A. this afternoon.

The unique part of this campaign was making it available to Lee Min Ho’s biggest fan bases as well as the emerging one in the USA. Lee is known for his breakout role in the trendy school drama “Boys Over Flowers,” but his recent role in the action drama “City Hunter” added to the flare of Toyota’s “The One & Only” 2 seasons

ParkPlaza_Toyota David Chung

David Chung of Toyota

We partnered with our valued agency partner, interTrend Communications in coming up with a campaign platform that would allow us to really accentuate all those attributes [of the Toyota Camry]. And they came up with a really exciting idea – tapping into a popular Asian genre, the Korean drama. And we used that to really highlight all the great attributes of the Camry.

And when it came to picking the talent, well, it’s unanimous, it had to be Lee Min Ho and he was going to be our representative of this drama series.

– David Chung, National Manager, Targeted Advertising and Strategy for Toyota

Lee Min Ho eventually stepped in for a brief press Q&A covering his favorite food in L.A. – steak – to a few prodding questions about his next projects – nothing solid yet. He looked a little tired, but was warm and welcoming to the press that came from all over Asia, as well as a few blogs and TV stations.


Check out a few more photos from this on our Facebook page.

While this campaign has wrapped up, please look forward to 4Minute’s HyunA in Toyota’s Made in Corolla campaign featuring the COROLLA X HYUNA single, “My Color“!



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